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12 Best Natural Cures For Lyme Disease

Natural Cure To Lyme Disease

[toc]Lyme disease can be defined as a complication that occurs because of infections. Often, the symptoms of this disease are very difficult to diagnose and this makes the treatment possibilities even worse. The simplest way of understanding if one has Lyme disease or not is through blood tests. What you can also do is try to understand the common symptoms that occur with the same.

These include problems of the bowel, followed by mood swings, headaches and pains that are frequent and even lack of sleep. Even if there are some other similar symptoms following suit, it is best to get yourself tested. Rather than opting for chemical solutions, check out these simple natural remedies for Lyme disease

12 Best Natural Cures For Lyme Disease


Acupuncture For Lyme Disease

Over the years researchers have found out that acupuncture is one of the best ways for eliminating the symptoms associated with the disease and also treating it. What happens here is that the process helps in diminishing the pain, which is caused by Lyme disease and this helps in faster healing. As the immunity improves gradually and pain diminishes, recovery is much faster.


Cat’s Claw For Lyme Disease

There are arrays of herbs that are highly beneficial in treating Lyme disease. These herbs help to combat the signs of the disease and provide effective healing. For instance, samento, smilax, cat’s claw, Banderol, andrographis, etc. are some of the effective herbs here that fight infections and help in faster healing. They can be consumed in raw forms or taken as supplements too.

Green Tea

Green Tea For Lyme Disease

Green tea is one of the best sources of natural antioxidants available today. The compounds found in green tea include curcumin, which helps in reducing inflammation, has antibiotic properties and also hastens the overall process of internal healing.


Probiotics For Lyme Disease

There are a lot of probiotic foods that are highly suggested for curbing the infection and helping in fighting bacteria. These foods include yogurt that contains antibiotic properties for fighting Lyme disease. You can have the same in the form of smoothies or even on its own.

Dietary Changes

Dietary Changes For Lyme Disease

Since Lyme’s disease is a sign of weakened immunity, it is vital to make changes in the diet. You should also check or get yourself tested for different kinds of deficiencies that happen in the body like zinc or vitamins. Remember that immunity is very crucial when it comes to preventing and curing this problem.

What you should do is include a diet or change your diet to fresh foods and fruits. These are high on vitamins and other minerals, which help in fighting infection and help the body to heal. Eating such diets ensures faster and quicker recovery from the disease.


Exercise For Lyme Disease

Again, you should implement all steps possible for getting over the disease by natural methods. Exercises are one of the other sure shot ways of doing so. What happens here is that you are able to boost immunity, increase the levels of energy and thus fight the disease. Bacteria in the body are destroyed to. According to researches, those who exercised at least thrice a week for about 30 minutes healed much faster in comparison to individuals who did not.


Garlic Reduce Lyme Disease

According to researches, consuming one or more clove of garlic in a day, uncooked and in raw form is the best way of treating this disease. A lot of people may not even think of having garlic in raw forms because of the smell, but when you are consuming it like a tablet with a gulp of water, there is really not much of bad breath.

Also, if you do chew the raw garlic, you may get some smell, but it sure works in curing the disease. It is this smell, which really works in killing the infection, so try to chew and eat the garlic. Again, do not cook the garlic here because you will be killing the healing properties it has. So chew on raw garlic through salads and other raw food forms.


Broccoli Reduce Lyme Disease

Magnesium deficiency has been one of the most common causes of this disease. Often a lot of people don’t understand the same and thus keep on getting the disease time and again. The reduction of magnesium levels in your red blood cells clearly indicate that you are suffering from Lyme disease. What you can do here is have magnesium in natural forms through broccoli, tomatoes and other similar sources.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil Reduce Lyme Disease

Treating Lyme disease via omega 3 essential fatty acids is quick and economical. What you can do is consume flaxseed oil, which is the best sources for omega-3 essential fatty acids and helps in boosting the immune system. You should try to consume at least 4-5 tea spoons of this oil in a day. You can have it via salads or mix it in your food.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits Reduce Lyme Disease

Oranges and lemons are the best bet here to treat Lyme disease. Basically citrus fruits are known for boosting the immunity of the individual along with providing an array of other minerals, which are vital for faster healing. Some of the fruits that you can consume here are mandarin, grapefruit and even pummel apart from lemons and oranges.

Aloe Vera

Aloevera Reduce Lyme Disease

Aloe Vera has healing properties that are not just restricted to external problems but also for diseases. What you can do here is consume the fresh juice of this plant on an everyday basis. If the fresh fruit is not accessible then opt for packaged ones, which are organic and free from preservatives. This helps in detoxification and faster healing as the immunity gets a boost.

Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf Reduce Lyme Disease

The olive leaf extract have rich and natural antibiotic properties that aid in healing this disease. Along with being rich in elements that fight bacteria and viruses, this leaf helps to combat many other diseases too along with improving immunity. Have the juice of the extract or chew the leaf and consume the juices. These are some natural ways for treating and healing Lyme’s disease for good. They make take a bit of time, but surely come without any side effects.

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