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6 Best Natural Cures For Parasites

Natural Cures For Parasites

[toc]Parasites are organisms that require host organisms to survive and multiply and cause harm to the host organism as they get their food from and at the expense of the host organism. In humans they end up causing various diseases especially those related to the intestine. Protozoa and Helminths are the two major kinds of parasites affecting humans. 

A person can recognise a parasitic infection by diarrhea, fatigue or weakness, stomach pain or tenderness, weight loss, vomiting or nausea, bloating or gas and the passing of worms in the stools. Conventional treatment of parasites involves the prescription of anti parasitic formulae. These are toxic chemicals and have severe side effects like swelling of the lymph nodes, vision problems, convulsions and lack of coordination. Hence natural remedies are more sought after for the effective treatment of parasites in humans.

6 Useful Natural Cures For Parasites

Intestinal Cleansing And Dietary Changes

Dietary Change For Parasites

Dietary changes are made to clean the intestine of the parasites and the toxins released by them. A high fibre diet along with supplements such as psyllium husks, activated charcoal, papaya extract, citrus pectin, flax seeds and beetroot are all used to detox and cleanse the intestine during a parasitic infection. This eliminates the parasites and is a very popular and effective remedy.

Alongwith this it is also important to avoid foods like coffee, alcohol, refined sugars and refined foods to support the intestinal cleansing process. Probiotics can be used to build up the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Carrots, squash and sweet potatoes have high amounts of beta carotene which increase the production of vitamin A. Vitamin A reduces the penetration of larvae of parasites thus reducing the chances of multiplication of the organisms. Pineapple can help cure a infection of tape worm. Turmeric is a very potent antibiotic herb that can help cure any parasitic infection.


Garlic For Parasites

Garlic is an easily available and inexpensive treatment for parasites that can be found in every home. Garlic has potent anti parasitic functions and can cure the body from a variety of parasitic infection. Two cloves of raw garlic chewed daily is the most potent and effective form of this remedy.

Otherwise garlic can be found in a powder, capsule or even a tablet form which can be consumed daily. Ascaris (roundworm), Leishmania, Plasmodium, Trypanosoma and Giardia lambia all fall under the spectrum of the anti patasitic activity of garlic.


Cloves For Parasites

Cloves are amongst the most widely used spices to cure infection of any kind and are easily available in the kitchen of every household. The use of cloves in dental care is widely known as it is used to cure infections and alleviate dental pain. A few cloves can be potent antibacterial agents.

Cloves have bactericidal, anti parasitic and antiseptic functions. Non irradiated fresh cloves can be used effectively to treat parasitic infection. Clove oil is also very effective in treating infection. Powder of cloves is used to decimate the larvae before they hatch from the eggs.


Wormwood For Parasites

The herb Artemesia annua is commonly known as wormwood and has been used as a common remedy for intestinal parasites for centuries. Wormwood contains compounds called sesquiterpene lactones which are responsible for weakening the cellular membranes of the parasites.

Hence wormwood can act against a wide spectrum of parasites including Giardia, Plasmodium, Schistosoma mansoni and Ascaris lumbricoides. The pure oil of wormwood is toxic forconsumtion, hence less concentrated forms like tea, liquid extract or capsules are available that can be consumed.

Black Walnut And Wormseed

Black Walnut For Parasites

Traditionally black walnut is an herbal remedy used in the folk culture to treat conditions such as athlete’s foot and ring worm. Black walnut is a potent antiseptic agent. The juice of the hulls of unripe black walnut is used extensively to treat any kind of parasite and even certain fungal infections.

In the tropics the traditional remedy for the treatment of tapeworms, hook worms and round worms has been wormseed or Chenopodium ambrosioides. This herb is generally consumed in the tea form as the concentrated herb is too toxic for consumption.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds For Parasites

The seeds of pumpkin are used in the day to day cooking in every household and are very easily available in the kitchen. These seeds apart from making the food tasty will also help treat an infection of parasites like tapeworms and roundworms. At least 25 ounces of these seeds must be consumed by an adult person suffering from parasites.

These seeds can be had toasted, as it is or can be added to salads mashed with food or mixed in juices. After consumption of these seeds it is generally recommended to follow it with a laxative after two to three hours. This helps clean the intestine of the toxins, and other chemicals and waste of the parasites.

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