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5 Best Natural Cures For Sports Injuries

Natural Cures For Sports Injuries

[toc]Sports injuries are those injuries that occur while performing activities like sports or exercises of high intensity. These injuries can be internal as well as external. The internal injuries are of various types like sprains, fractures ligament tear, joint dislocation, head injuries, and several other inflammations while the external one are more obvious in the form of cuts and bruises.

They can be as simple as a cut that would simply require a band aid or something so severe that would require stitches and surgery. Usually these injuries happen due to unfortunate accidents and many a times due to inadequate warming up or insufficient stretching. It can also occur due to the overuse of a particular part of the body.

The most immediate form of first aid is given to the person suffering from this injury but that is temporary relief in the pain. These sport injuries have to be treated with proper medications or remedies that heal the injuries without producing side effects. Natural Cures are one such type of remedy that people always prefer. A few of these cures are listed below.

5 Natural Cures For Sports Injuries

Cold Compress Or Ice Pack Application

Cold Compress Reduce Sports Injuries

A sports injury resulting in inflammation or swelling of joints or in other parts can be healed by taking lots of ice in a cloth applying it on the affected area for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is a tried and tested formula to reduce the swelling instantly. This remedy is available easily in every household and is known to be highly effective in the treatment of sprains, ligament tears, and several other injuries.

Even the first aid kits possess these cold compresses. These days ice packs are available in the market which are prepared with dry ice that is sealed and packed in silicon containers. Cold compress can be used by taking a cloth and dipping it in ice cold water and then applying it on the inflamed area.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Reduce Sports Injuries

Another natural cure for treating sprained body part is massage therapy. It is a wonderful treatment for eliminating the pain and discomfort caused by a sports injury. This therapy is performed by expert hands that should be gentle, supple and yet firm. People getting the massage done prefer oil or certain pain relieving ointments as the medium.

Care should be taken to avoid overdoing the massage in the quest of pain relief and one should not get a massage for more than 15 minutes on a particular area. One should preferably get the massage prescribed by an orthopaedic before carrying it out and should be performed by an experienced physiotherapist who would know the exact method and intensity.

Slaked Lime And Turmeric

Lime And Turmeric Reduce Sports Injuries

A combination of slaked lime and turmeric is an age old natural remedy that is used for healing injuries relating to bones, muscles and joints. They are ideally used on inflamed and sprained joints. Turmeric possesses antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties while slaked lime is antiseptic in nature.

Combining the two ingredients in equal proportions can form a wonderful cure for healing the sprains and fractures. A paste can be prepared by grounding dried turmeric and adding powdered slaked lime to it, which can then be applied to the injured area liberally and left on overnight. This application should be done regularly till the pain and swelling subsides completely.


Homeopathy Reduce Sports Injuries

Another line of natural cure is homeopathy medicines. These are very handy in treating sports injury. This source of treatment possesses excellent healing properties. They barely have any side effects. It aids in quick recovery and healing the injured area.

Some of the most common and effective homeopathy medicines would be Arnica, Ruta Graveolens and symphytum that help in curing the bruises and sprains and other inflammations. They are known to cure internal injuries such as hairline fractures in the skull. Any kind of internal bleeding is also curable by these medicines.

Water Aerobics Or Exercise

Water Aerobics Reduce Sports Injuries

Exercise is in general highly beneficial for strengthening, however when a body is injured then any kind of pressure can aggravate the issue, however if the injured part is exercised without pressure then it brings back the flexibility and returns the fitness of that body part. This is possible when it is carried out in water. Water aerobics or exercises are an excellent way of strengthening the body parts, bones and muscles.

This kind of exercise involves moving the affected part of the body in a pool of water for about half an hour daily. Since the pressure of body weight is nil in water, the strained body part gets to relax and retains its flexibility. It is an excellent natural cure.

Best Natural Cures For Sports Injuries

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