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Best Natural Cures For Underactive Thyroid

Natural Cure To Underactive Thyroid

[toc]The inability to produce thyroid hormones that is T3 and T4, that play a vital role in boosting the metabolism that is essential for carrying out the various functioning of the body is termed Hypothyroidism or Underactive Thyroid. This disorder is a result of depletion of the thyroid hormone that is produced by the thyroid gland in our body. Underactive thyroid results in a drop in the metabolic rate which causes the energy levels of the body to drop simultaneously and the functioning of the body becomes extremely slow.

It is rampant amongst people of all ages, all over the world and is curable. Some of the prominent symptoms are sore breasts, fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold, dry hair or extreme hair loss, weight gain, menstrual problems, itching skin or thrush heart palpitations and so on. Allopathy stream has several successful drugs and medicines to treat underactive thyroid however they all have adverse effects, however natural cure for this disorder is ideal as there are barely any side effects and gives prompt results as well. A few of them are mentioned below.

6 Natural Cures For Underactive Thyroid

Appropriate Diet

Carrots For Underactive Thyroid

Thyroid gland gets regulated by iodine in a body with underactive thyroid and requires one to consume food rich in iodine such as seafood, iodised salt and shellfish. Iodised salt is readily available. A natural source is rock salt so one needs to consume iodized salt. Certain other fruits and vegetables such as barley, fenugreek, bottle gourd, red capsicum, broccoli, carrots, kelp, sea weed enhance the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Avoiding food such as cabbage, soy, mustard green, cauliflower, caffeine, spinach, processed food, Brussels sprouts, high intake of alcohol and caffeine is highly advisable as these tend to slow down the functioning of thyroid glands which then cause hypothyroidism.

Yoga Or Exercise Like Aerobics

Yoga For Underactive Thyroid

Yoga is being increasingly practised as it is highly beneficial in keeping the body healthy and disease free. Asana such as sarvangasana and matsyaasana are especially beneficial in curing underactive thyroid as practicing these regularly stimulates the thyroid and pituitary gland and regulates the production of this hormone in desired quantity thereby boosting the sluggish metabolism as well.

Aerobic exercises such as jogging, running, walking skipping and swimming are all highly advisable for enhancing the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Underactive Thyroid

Another natural ingredient that works well in the smooth functioning of thyroid gland and boosts the production of the thyroid hormone is coconut oil. Half a teaspoon of this oil taken regularly will prevent the thyroid from turning sluggish. This oil can be consumed in various forms such as a coconut based dish or a portion of this fruit is equally beneficial.

Coconut oil has to be extracted and is also readily available in the market by several brands. Coconut milk is also very beneficial for preventing hypothyroidism. It can be prepared by peeling the skin and grating the coconut which is then blended with water proportionately. After that the mixture can be strained and the residual liquid is the coconut milk that is consumed.


Yogurt For Underactive Thyroid

Yogurt is an excellent natural cure for activating the thyroid gland as helps in building the stamina of an individual. At least three cups of plain unflavoured yogurt is recommended to enhance the functioning of the thyroid gland.

It is equally effective when taken all together or at intervals of lunch and dinners depending on the desire of person. Yogurt also enhances the immune system of the body and works even better when combines with compatible fruits such as pomegranates, apples etc.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm For Underactive Thyroid

This herb comes from the family of mint and is known to one if the most effective cure for underactive thyroid that especially arises from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The infusion prepared from this herb is excellent .

Tea prepared with lemon balm consumed daily for at least a fortnight shows positive results. As it is mild it can be consumed many times a day. One can use dried lemon balm to prepare the tea for best results and fresh leaves are equally good to use.


Walnuts For Underactive Thyroid

Another natural product that is highly recommended for the production of thyroid hormones is walnuts. It is a dry fruit that has excellent properties and is an age old remedy for treating the dysfunction of thyroid gland. It can be soaked in water overnight, like almonds it can be blanched and consumed.

At least 7 complete pieces are ideal to eat every day and gives best results if consumed on an empty stomach. Walnuts are very nutritious and when taken on a regular basis it boosts the metabolism and keeps the body healthy and strong.