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Best Natural Cures For Urinary Problems

[toc]Urinary ProblemsOne of the most common physical problems faced by people all over the world is Urinary problems. There are myriad types of urinary disorders and it is a surety that every individual will suffer a different type of urinary problem, however few of them such as urinary tract infections, incontinence, frequent urination, prostate problem and so on. The good news is that they are mostly curable, especially when diagnosed early and treated promptly.

These can occur in men, women and children alike and age is not a factor here. Very often these problems are a repercussion of some chronic and serious disease. There are allopathic drugs available but they can be full of side effects so it is considerably safer to resort to natural cures. These cures are ideal when used at the onset of a urinary problem as then; these problems can get completely eliminated. One gets confidence and satisfaction in trying out these cures as they are non-invasive, safe, result oriented and affordable. Some of these successful cures are discussed in detail below.

Natural Cures For Urinary Problems

Increase The Intake Of Water

drink waterOne of the best ways of getting rid of urinary problems is consuming more than adequate water as it is the best cleanser of toxins that create urinary disorders. Water has the ability to flush out the bacteria and other germs present in the urine and lack of this element creates the problem in the first place.

The ideal quantity of intake of a normal adult is 4 litres and if the person suffering from urinary problems does not have a water retention issue then he or she can consume even more. Uterine Tract infections are best treated with excessive intake of water and are known to soothe the bladder.


ExercisesMany a times due to stress and other factors the bladder sac tends to sag and the muscles gets weak. This causes frequent urination and incontinence. The best way of treating this disorder is by getting a physiotherapist to train the person to practice Kegels exercise regularly. This exercise involves contracting and relaxing of pelvic muscles, this helps in strengthening and toning of these muscles which then sensitises the urinary bladder to hold and release the urine as and when required.

This exercise is known to give highly positive results and does not give any side effects when practiced regularly and even two times a day if the body permits. Apart from this, other exercises are also recommended as urinary problems are more prevalent in bed ridden people or those having a sedentary lifestyle.


CranberryThis is a type of natural fruit that can be eaten when dried and can even be freshly consumed. It is known to create miracles and is excellent in curing issues pertaining to the urinary bladders. It has the ability to eliminate the bacteria that breeds urinary tract and the surrounding walls.

It provides relief in the burning sensation caused by infectious urine and also helps in releasing the held up urine. Though canned cranberries are tastier they should be avoided as they are sweetened artificially and this works against elimination of toxins and bacteria. Fresh cranberries are also available in the market however they tend to be highly priced.

Vitamin C

orangeThis nutrient is an excellent remedy for the treatment of urinary problems and is available in several natural products ranging from fruits to vegetables. They play a vital role in boosting the immunity of a person who has a urinary infection. With this strengthened immunity one is able to fight and ward off the infections caused by the bacteria and fungus.

Ascorbic Acid is another term for vitamin C and the best sources are citrus fruits, almonds, oyster to name a few. The best form of Vitamin C is sweet lime and oranges. The juice of these fruits when consumed daily, help in preventing the bacteria and other infections from breeding. They also strengthen the urinary bladder and the weak muscles surrounding it. This nutrient is also available in the form of supplements that are prepared naturally and can be added to your regular diet.


Another mineral that is highly effective in treating urinary issues is Zinc .Like mineral even zinc helps in fighting off the bacteria that tries to build its colonies in the urinary tract. It is known to be beneficial in boosting the immunity of the body affected with urinary infections. It is naturally available in the form of supplements and capsules. Care should be taken to consult a doctor regarding the dosage and permission in crucial cases where it is difficult to digest this natural mineral.

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