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6 Best Treatments For Smallpox

Best Treatments For Smallpox

[toc]Smallpox is an infectious disease that affects only human beings and is mainly caused due to viral pathogens that can either be minor or major. It appears on the body in the form of pimples and can leave scars or spots once treated. There is no such treatment that has been found to be effective in curing smallpox and therefore it is generally advised that medical management methods should be implemented in treating smallpox

Most of the time patients suffering from smallpox are treated at home but it in conditions where there is a large outbreak of this disease; patients should be immediately taken to the hospital. The major smallpox treatments are as follows:

6 Various Treatments For Smallpox


Vaccination For Smallpox

Vaccination is considered as one of the most prevalent treatments for smallpox. Vaccinations for smallpox should be given as a protective measure against this disease and before any sort of exposure to the disease. Vaccinations can also be given within four days of exposure to prevent and lessen the seriousness of the disease. However, it has to be kept in mind that vaccinations are not for people who already get rashes while suffering from this disease.


Isolation In Dark Room For Smallpox

The patients suffering from smallpox can also be isolated in rooms that have negative pressure so that the spread of the disease from one person to another can be avoided. In conditions of isolation, the patients should be given symptomatic and supportive treatment such as proper nutrition and hydration so that the disease can be cured as soon as possible.


Medications For Smallpox

Medications for pain and fever should be given to the patient and at the same time medications such as cidofovir and idoxuridine should be given for managing the condition of smallpox. There are a number of other medicines that are also being developed for the treatment of smallpox but they are still in the process of testing.

Cosmetic Management

Cosmetic Management For Smallpox

Corrective measures should be taken in order to take care of the vision of the infected person and at the same time cosmetic management for the spots and the scars should be carried out. At the same time it is also important that proper skincare methods are applied and practiced so that the skin can be protected from the treacherous effects of this disease.

Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition For Smallpox

Nutritional support is very important for a patient of smallpox and therefore it is important that proper nutrition is provided to the patient so that the disease can be treated on an immediate basis. At the same time it is also important that any complications that are found while treating the disease are monitored and then treated so that the body does not have to face any adverse situations of health. These are some of the best smallpox treatments that can be taken into account for proper and quick cure.

Dehydration Should Be Avoided

Dehydration Should Be Avoided

It is very important for a smallpox patient to remain hydrated so that the disease can be cured in an effective manner. In order to avoid any conditions of dehydration in the patient, the electrolyte and the fluid balance of the body should be kept under strict surveillance. The balance should also be maintained in the proper manner.

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