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Causes And Symptoms Of Laryngitis

[toc]There are a number of antibiotic and other medicines available over the counter, which may help in curing laryngitis.


Moreover, some home remedies can also be extremely useful in the healing process like voice rest, gargling of the mouth with warm water with a little salt added to it, inhaling menthol, breathing in humidified air, refraining from smoking, etc.

Common Causes Of Laryngitis


A viral infection, usually in the form of common cold is a very common factor that induces a laryngitis attack. In rarest of cases, it may also occur from a bacterial attack. Although it is difficult to prevent laryngitis caused due to a viral infection, which generally occurs from environmental factors, some small changes in lifestyle and maintaining personal hygiene can help a lot in reducing its chances of occurrence.

Avoiding the use of public toilets, washing hands properly before and after eating, keeping the house and locality clean, wearing a mask in crowded places are a few things that we can incorporate in our day to day life, as a preventive measure against viral or bacterial attack.


Overuse Of Voice

Laryngitis caused due to overuse of voice usually disappears after a few days. It can be drastically reduced by voice rest, gargling, eating warm food, drinking warm fluids, etc. However, regular voice overuse, especially in some professions like singing, anchoring, radio jockeying or public speaking may require some voice therapies by the experts.

Preventing dryness of the vocal chords, refraining from smoking, cutting down on alcohol reduces the risks of laryngitis of an overused voice.

Voice Overuse

How To Treat Laryngitis In 5 Easy Ways
Useful Home Remedies For Laryngitis

Acid Reflux

When the acidity in stomach gets stuck in the esophagus, it may cause inflammation in the larynx. This is also called reflux laryngitis. The common symptoms of reflux laryngitis are hoarseness in voice, heartburn, difficulty in swallowing, irritation or sensation in the throat,frequent urge to clear the throat, etc.

Avoiding food that causes acidity, weight loss, adequate exercise, healthy lifestyle and eating habits are a few things that can greatly help in avoiding laryngitis due to acid reflux.

Acid Reflux

Allergies And Environmental Factors

Emission of toxic materials, chemicals, dust, fumes and other environmental factors can cause chronic laryngitis. Its affects are usually irreversible. Mucous accumulates across the vocal chords and causes cough, which in turn, may cause laryngeal spasm. This type of laryngitis can last for about three weeks or longer.


Symptoms Of Laryngitis

The most common symptom of laryngitis is change or decline in the quality of voice. The voice may become hoarse, lower or deeper than normal, raspy or coarse. Frequent voice breaks can also be seen in some cases. Other common symptoms are dry cough, irritation or itchiness in the throat with an urge to clear the throat, soreness, pain and inflammation around the larynx, difficulty in swallowing food, etc. The patient may also experience common cold or fever in some cases.

Throat Pain

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