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6 Causes And Symptoms Of Menstrual Cycle

[toc]Menstrual cycle is considered as a stage of puberty in young girls which also serves as a physical sign of the transformation taking place in a girl. It basically represents the phase of the girl’s transformation into a woman. Menstrual cycle can turn out to be very confusing for girls who do not have an idea about this condition. The process turns out to be mysterious for girls who do not possess proper information about the reproductive system of a woman. The main causes of menstrual cycle in a girl have been enumerated below:

6 Causes and symptoms of menstrual cycle

Causes Of Menstrual Cycle

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes that take place in a girl are considered to be one of the major causes among the varied causes & symptoms of menstrual cycle. The hormonal changes take place in a girl’s body mainly in the sex organs and even the brain. The uterus, two ovaries, the vagina and the fallopian tubes comprise of the internal sex organs in a girl.

Eggs in the ovaries are there by birth in a woman and each egg in the ovaries ripens and gets matured by the action of hormones that keep circulating themselves in the blood stream. After getting matured the egg burst and drifts through the ovary to the fallopian tube and to the uterus.

Endometrium is the uterus lining that gets thickened due to hormonal actions and then it receives the fertilized egg. If there is an unfertilized egg found in the endometrium, the hormonal changes lead to slipping away of the egg leading to menstruation.

Harmonal changes

Breakage Of Blood Vessels

The menstrual cycle is composed of endometrium but it also consists of fresh blood that is caused due to the breakage of some fine vessels of blood that are found in the endometrium.

Symptoms Of Menstrual Cycle


Pimples or acne flare ups also one of the most common symptoms of menstrual cycle which are experienced by many girls.

This happens due to hormonal changes that take place in a girl. These pimples tend to become deep as the girl ages. They are common only before the start of periods and during the menstrual cycle.


Mood Swings

In many girls it is found that mood swings appear very often before they begin their menstrual cycle. Irritation, stress, depression and sadness are some of the common feelings during or before the menstrual cycle and they can be taken as symptoms of menstrual cycle.

Mood Swing

Carving For Food

There are some girls who develop a special liking for certain foods that can also be considered as common symptoms of menstrual cycle. The foods that are generally craved during menstrual cycle are fast foods containing a lot of tamarind.

Carving for certain food

Change In Breast Size

The change that takes place in many parts of the body can also be taken as an early symptom of menstrual cycle. The breast starts developing and it is only after this transformation that a girl starts having her menstrual cycle. Public hair growth and growth of hair in other parts of the body can also be summed up under the main causes & symptoms of menstrual cycle.

change in breast size

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