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4 Causes Of Brain Tumors

Causes Of Brain Tumors

[toc]Brain is the most complex part of human body. This is the reason why still scientists are not able to understand the exact way it functions and reacts. And for the same reason fixing any brain disorder is extremely difficult. Brain surgery needs highly expert hands to deal with abnormalities.

You can now imagine how much it is difficult to diagnose and cure a tumor brain. In most of the cases, brain tumor is diagnosed at the final stage when performing surgery can be fatal for the patient. With all the complexities related to brain tumor, no one bother to ever learn it causes. Therefore, we have explained here some of the causes of brain tumor that would help you understand it even better.

4 Brain Tumors Causes


Old Age For Brain Tumors

Though it is not compulsory that brain tumor occurs only in elderly people, but it is also true that aged people are most likely to get brain tumor. As we grow old, chances of getting tumor increases. However, many young children and adults also have been diagnosed with this disease.

But the number of young patients is less and rare. Brain tumor can be non-cancerous or cancerous. Cancerous brain tumor is most common type of cancer among children. And it is fourth most common type of cancer among teenagers and young adults between the age group of 15 to 24.


Some types of brain tumors are related to genetic conditions. If anyone in your family (bother, sister or parents) had brain tumor than you are likely to get it too. However, it is mandatory that you will get it. If an individual have certain rare syndromes than there are chances that he or she will get brain tumor.

So, keep a watch on your brain health if the following syndromes run in your family: Neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome and Turner syndrome.


Radiotherapy Can Cause Brain Tumors

It is known even by common people that exposure to radiation increases the risk of getting brain tumor. Medical tests or treatments of brain that involves radiation like x-rays, radiotherapy and CT scan can cause brain tumor in later stage. There are chances of getting types of brain tumor like meningiomas and gliomas in individual who has gone through radiation.

But radiation techniques like CT scan and x-rays are highly effective in diagnosing abnormalities which are not identified by other techniques. Therefore, even if health specialists employ radiation technique to diagnose a disease they take proper precaution to make sure that a person is not exposed to radiation for long duration.

Medical Conditions

Medications Causes Brain Tumors

There are certain medical conditions that trigger the onset of brain tumor. It has been studies that people having HIV have greater chances of having brain tumor. This is because AIDS patient has suppressed immune system and the medicines for AIDS might cause formation of tumors.

Also, women who take hormonal replacement therapy post menopause have more risk of getting brain tumor. Research has suggested that women who take oral contraceptive are more prone to get brain tumor. So, be careful before taking hormonal therapy or contraceptives. And check your doctor of any possible side effects that may occur later in life.

Brain Tumors

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