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Causes & Symptoms Of Bad Breath

[toc]Do you remember the most embarrassing situations that you ever came across? For most of the people it is realization that they have a bad breath in public. Bad breath might be a very common and prevalent problem but it is definitely one that needs to be treated as soon as it is detected. This is especially valid for those who face is more than often now.

Bad Breath

Before the treatment begins, it is important to have a detailed knowledge about the causes as well as the signs and symptoms of bad breath. It is mentioned below for your convenience.

Causes Of Bad Breath

Low Levels Of Hygiene

One of the top most and common cause associated with bad breath in unhygienic ways of keeping the mouth. The ignorance of dental health is what leads to bad odor from the mouth. This includes irregular brushing and flossing of the teeth as well as tooth decay that is caused by the accumulation of food residues that forms plague.


Infections Of The Respiratory Tract

Another of the closely associated cause for bad breath is any form of infection in the respiratory system. This includes all kinds of lung, sinus as well as throat infections that exist. Any problem in the respiratory system will definitely affect the breath.

Respiratory Infection

External Products

There are many food items and natural products that if consumed automatically lead to bad breath even if it is quite temporary. These foods products include onions, garlic, tobacco, coffee and cigarette smoking. Alcohol can also lead to this issue. Regular consumption of these items will give you a bad breath even if it is short lived.


Gum Infections And Diseases

Any kind of gum or mouth infections like periodontal diseases can be associated with the occurrence of bad breath in a person. You can look for this as a major cause for the crisis. Tooth abscesses, receding gums and cavities can also contribute to the problem in a major way.

Gum Infections

Dry Mouth Conditions

Any problems in the salivary glands to produce less amount of saliva and lead to dry mouth can cause bad breath issues. In medical terms, it is known as xerostomia. Dryness in the mouth will cause bacteria accumulation solely because saliva is known to be a natural antiseptic and leads to bad breath.

Dry Mouth

Symptoms Of Bad Breath

Plaque Formation

A sheet of plague or a yellow film can be seen on the teeth or food residues can be found in between as a sign for bad breath. Here, the gums are usually swollen or pale that gives you a direct idea that foul odor will follow next.

Yellow Teeth

Foul Odor

One obvious sign that states that you are suffering from bad breath issues is foul and unpleasant smell from the mouth. this is a sign that you might not be able to detect yourself and would need the help of a close one to gauze that for you. However, as soon as a foul smell is experienced you will know what problem you are facing.

Foul Odor

Gum Pain

In a lot of cases of bad breath, people complain of gum pain. This is solely because of the accumulation of plague in the mouth and the gums which leads to infections and this pain in the gums.

Gum Infections

Swollen Gums

Apart from pain, swelling and inflammation in the gums is one symptom that can give you an idea about unhealthy teeth and gums that automatically leads to bad breath. Therefore, it is simply considered as one of the signs of the ailment.

Swollen Gums

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