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Common Causes Of Irritable Male Syndrome

Irritable Male Syndrome Irritable Male Syndrome

[toc]Irritable Male Syndrome is a condition a lot of men go through which includes, as the name suggests feeling irritated a lot. Several emotional and physical symptoms resultant of irritation can be seen in them such as frustration, aggression, social withdrawal, becoming more demanding, restlessness, decline in sexual desires, hypersensitivity, anxiety, headache, hot flashes, sexual dysfunction etc.

It becomes difficult to put up with them. A condition affecting more and more men in today’s world, it can be said to be a modern time’s disease. The following are the major possible causes behind Irritable Male Syndrome.

Causes Of Irritable Male Syndrome

Hormonal Changes

When a man undergoes hormonal change in his post-middle age, an andropause, a condition similar to menopause in women, there is a decline in the male hormone, testosterone and he begins to experience the symptoms of Irritable Male Syndrome, especially when the hormonal dip is rather sudden and the man has not had time to adjust to the lowered testosterone. Low sex drive, unexplained frustration and mood swings are commonly seen in such men.


Stress Stress

Stress affects a major male population on earth, be it layoffs, or overload of work, or less remuneration, or severing relations with colleagues and bosses, bills, loans, and the lists go on. These certainly would make anybody’s day bad, but an excess of it may lead the man to the condition of Irritable Male Syndrome. When clubbed with a sedentary lifestyle, there is very little way to release stress through physical movement, in those cases the man can be expected to release unjustifiable anger or have chronic headache and other similar feelings.

Poor Diet

A poor diet compromising of excess of saturated fats and proteins and lesser carbohydrates, i.e. eating meat and fried and fast food mostly is a common reason for Irritable Male Syndrome. A diet of this sort mostly includes meat and fast food and less of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Alcohol

Alcohol may bring a sense of euphoria when you drink it, but the feeling is short-lived. In the long run, it makes the testosterone levels to fall down. Alcoholics are known to be irritable in nature mostly.

Certain Medicines

Medications for HIV AIDS, incontinence, hypertension, antidepressants etc. may cause the testosterone in a male patient to fall and cause erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and a generally grumpy mood.

Less Sex

To a man, having sex is among the topmost of his desires. A sexless life may leave his desires for sex and intimacy unfulfilled. For a large proportion of divorce cases filed by men, a prominent cause is sexless marriage. So, less sex often leads a man to suffer from Irritable Male Syndrome.

Crisis Of Male Identity

Manliness is understood by most men as vigour, strength, an ability to amply provide for his family, competitiveness, and lasting longer in bed. If any of these characteristics is seen to be reduced in him, a man tends to get irritable. A number of reasons may be behind it such as loss of job, physical handicap, or actual or perceived failure at something significant to the man.

The above are the common causes for the development of Irritable Male Syndrome, but it is not a matter to worry about as there are a number of treatments that can help in its cure.

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