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Common Signs And Symptoms Of Male Yeast Infection

[toc]Just like women, men also suffer from a lot of infections especially in the sensitive areas and near the sexual organs. This is solely because of unhygienic ways of lifestyle or else unprotected sexual encounters. One of the very common infections both in men and women comes in the form of yeast infection. However, before you can actually adhere to the treatment and cure the problem from the roots, it is important to learn about the signs and symptoms about the crisis and work accordingly.

Male Yeast Infection

The guide below will broaden your horizons about the signs and symptoms of male yeast infection. Check them out to know more about the health ailment that can lead to successful treatment.

Signs And Symptoms Of Male Yeast Infection

Painful Intercourse

One of the top notch signs that can be easily associated with the onset of yeast infection in men is that of painful intercourse. This is experienced each time and is definitely a cause that makes you look for the cures of the illness. It is one symptom that most of the men complain about.


Swelling In The Scrotum

You will notice soreness in the scrotum in case you are suffering from male yeast infection. This can even turn red in a lot of cases. Swollen scrotum can even be accompanied with pain in the region because of inflammation. This is one common sign of the infection.


Craving For Sweets

The yeast that is accumulated in the sexual zone feeds of sugary items and sweets. According to professionals, the more sugary items you eat the conditions worsen equally. In this situation, you will see yourself craving for sweets and sugary drinks all the time. It is a sign of male yeast infection along with others mentioned here. This also includes the desire for beer as well as candies and confectionery items.


Impotence And Dysfunction

In many males, severe conditions of male yeast infection can be detected when they experience extensive symptoms like impotence. This might be a symptom for rare cases but then is definitely a proven one that needs to be mentioned in the list. This can also be in the form of sexual dysfunction and other sexual problems. Another of the known and prevalent signs of male yeast infection is the loss of libido or the desire to have sex.



There is not only itchiness in the affected area but also in the scalp and the ears when we talk about male yeast infections. This makes it one of the signs that you can associate the problem with and lead to easy detection. It might be very discomforting and even embarrassing when you itch in the scalp or near the sexual organs.


Difficulty In Urinating

For those who have the yeast infection in and around the penis will see that there is a lot of difficulty in urinating. It might also be possible that in some cases men have an urgency of urinating as well as the frequency rises to a level that becomes irritating.

Difficulty in urinating

These are some of the known signs and symptoms of male yeast infection.

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