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Common Symptoms Of Hemorrhage


Hemorrhage Hemorrhage

Hemorrhage is one of the commonly occurring illnesses among people. It is an ailment that tends to happen all of a sudden. In simple terms if we try to define hemorrhage it is a type of stroke that you undergo. An artery in the brain usually bursts and causes internal bleeding in the tissues surrounding that nerve. This kills the brain cells slowly. However, to detect the problem as soon as possible, you need to know the symptoms and signs associated with the problem. This informative guide below will give you a deep idea about the signs of hemorrhage for your help.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhage

Severe Headache

One of the first signs that are associated with a hemorrhage is that of severe pain in the head. It is so serious that it is almost intolerable. This usually happens all of a sudden. It is supposed to be one of the top and the most significant signs of the crisis. Keep a note of this point. Usually pain killers are required to relieve the pain a little. This should be done only with a professional’s help.

Vision Changes

Another of the symptom that you can relate to hemorrhage is that of change in the vision. You might not be able to see the things clearly in such a scenario. This however accompanies severe pain in the head and well again confirms that something is seriously wrong.

Arm/Leg Weakness

Arms and legs usually feel weak and you feel incapable of standing or taking any support from the arms when it comes to hemorrhage. This is again a symptom that is quite common and one that a lot of people complain of experiencing in the case of a hemorrhage. The strength of the muscles lowers considerably in such a situation. Loss of balance and coordination of the joints and the muscles is also included in this category where hemorrhage signs are talked about.

Abnormal Taste

The sense of taste becomes abnormal during the occurrence of hemorrhage. Usually one is not able to distinguish the taste. it is supposedly a symptom that might not occur in all the cases but is still prevalent in many and therefore deserves to be in this list.

Nausea and Vomiting

Vomiting Vomiting

Severe nausea and vomiting accompanies the other symptoms of hemorrhage and usually confirms that you need to get a through check up from a doctor to detect the problem and start the treatment without any delays. In many situations, you might feel sick and not actually vomit but then the feeling is standard for all those who are facing hemorrhage.


Loss of consciousness is a standard sign of hemorrhage and one that can really guide you towards the occurrence of the problem. Combined with others, it will actually give you the idea of the crisis and thus help you seek medical help immediately.

Motor Skills Gets Affected

Starting from the inability to write or read, you will also face hand tremors as a symptom of hemorrhage. Herein, understanding speech and talking also gets affected to a great extent.

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