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Easy Home Remedies For Foot And Ankle Swelling

[toc]Among the population, there are many people who complain of inflammation, pain and swelling in different parts of the body. Herein, the occurrence of foot and ankle swelling is quite common and one of the most prevalent ones. There might be a lot of reasons associated with the problem but the most known one is water retention also known as edema in medical terms.

Ankle Swelling

Once you are aware of the ailment, the next step is to find out successful home remedies that can help in the treatment of the swollen feet and ankle and give you a smoother lifestyle. Check out the below mentioned cures and follow regularly.

6 Home Remedies For Foot And Ankle Swelling


One of the best ways in which the swelling in the foot and the ankle can be treated is by the use of vinegar. Equal parts of vinegar can be mixed with water and then microwave for while. This should be used to soak a towel and then apply it on the affected area. It should be wrapped well and then left for about 5 minutes. It is supposed to be an effective cure for swelling in ankles and feet.


Have Plenty Of Water

This is a stereotype that water retention means that one should hold on to drinking plenty of water. However, you should adhere to approximately 10 glasses of water each day to push the accumulated liquid in the foot and the ankle and treat the swelling effectively. It is supposed to be one of the most useful and simple ideas to stick to.


Soak In Cold Water

Soaking the feet in cold water for about 20 minutes is one of the ways in which edema in the foot and ankles can be treated. It reduces the swelling considerably. Follow the idea once everyday to get best results from simple and efficient home remedies.

Saok Feet


Cucumber is one of the best home products to be used to treat the swelling in the foot and ankles. It has the ability to absorb the excess water from the body and thus treat the swelling. A slice of cucumber should be put on the foot and the ankles and then covered with a cloth. This will definitely give you good results in hand.


Lecithin Seeds

Soaked lecithin seeds if consumed every morning can really help in the home treatment of swollen feet and ankles. This is one remedy that might have gradual effects but then gives visible and 100 percent safe outcomes in hand.

Lecithin Seeds

Warm Mustard Oil Massage

Mustard oil can be used in the lukewarm state on the foot and the ankle to gently massage the affected area. This should be done each day without fail. Not only does it reduces the swelling in the region but also gives you relief from the pain that is being experienced. Make sure that the oil is of good quality for best results.

Mustard Oil

Apart from these home remedies that you need to follow daily, you can also follow some safe diet ideas and natural cures to get through your goals easily.