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7 Easy Home Remedies For Heel Spurs

Home Remedies For Heel Spurs

[toc]Heel spurs refer to the rough extensions that are connected to the bone inside the heel. The affected area is known to suffer from pain, irritation and discomfort. When the bones that are present in the heel become irregularly extended, they are defined as heel spurs and are known to give rise to pain, swelling as well as uneasiness in the affected area.

This type of disorder is more likely to occur in people that have an active lifestyle or are highly connected to the field of sports. In various parts of the world, a multitude of home remedies are used for treating the painful problem of heel spurs. Some of the remedies are discussed below:

7 Home Remedies For Heel Spurs

Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut Oil Massage For Heel Spurs

The heel can be relieved off the worry and pain when it is massaged with the help of coconut oil and people also maintain a constant intake of coconut capsules. Another useful remedy that can be used at home for the treatment of heel spurs is that of green and fresh cabbage leaves. These leaves can be wrapped around the affected area and a paper wrap can be placed around them to cover the heel.

Some coconut oil can also be added to fresh flowers after they are chopped. The oil should then be heated slightly and then allowed to cool. Pain can be treated with this particular ointment. Some vegetable oil can also be added to it in order to make it easy for people to spread it on the affected area. Instead of coconut oil, lard may also be recommended by some people.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Heel Spurs

An effective and useful home remedy is apple cider vinegar. A cotton bandage or cotton towel should be dipped in apple cider vinegar and then applied onto the heel after folding them up. Tape should be used for securing the bandage or towel in its place.

It should be left applied for a few days. The heel spur can also be rubbed with a mixture of baking soda, molasses and apple cider vinegar. Some other good home remedies for treating heel spurs include applying ice on the heel and using coconut oil for massaging it.

Ice Pack

Ice Pack For Heel Spurs

The request of ice pack on the heel spur is one of the easiest home remedies that can be used by people. Pain can be successfully and effectively reduced with the aid of this home remedy. The irritation that plagues the affected area can also be reduced with it.

Orthopedic Molds

Orthopedic Molds For Heel Spurs

Relieving the pain that’s associated with the problem of heel spur is possible with night splints and orthopedic molds. Starting this irregular situation will provide people with immense relief. The particular swelling and pain around the affected area can be reduced by enfolding it in plant leaves.

Exercise And Massage

Exercise For Heel Spurs

The muscles in the area should be stretched and exercised on a regular basis. Plantar fascia stress can be alleviated effectively when people strengthen their calf muscles, foot ligaments and also the Achilles tendons. When this stress is reduced, the chances of heel spur occurring can be reduced by a great extent.


Massage For Heel Spurs

It can be helpful for people suffering from heel spur to consult a sport massage therapist who specializes in heel spurs, understands what they are and can relieve the pain that’s associated with them. Pressure on the heel spur can be relieved, the scar tissue and adhesions can also be broken up and tightness can be eliminated when the entire lower leg and foot is massaged regularly by a therapist.

Athletic Tape

Athletic Tape For Heel Spurs

People just have to wear their regular shoes in some situations despite the fact that they are suffering from the problem of heel spurs. In scenarios like these, there is one invaluable remedy that people can implement. They will have to tape their foot. The first layer of the tape has to be applied from just below the biggest toe and it should reach the inside of the foot after going all the way to the back of the heel.

The second strip of the toe should start from below the smallest toe and should reach the outside of the foot by going to the back of the heel. The third layer of the tape has to be applied diagonally, such that it starts from just below the biggest toe of the foot and reaches the outside of the foot by going to the back of the heel. With these home remedies, the problem of heel spurs can be relieved safely.

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