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5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Toddler Cold

Herbal Remedies For Toddler Cold

[toc]When it comes to kids, especially toddlers, herbal remedies can do real good to check a sudden wheezing or coughing. At that tender age, such cold, cough and flu-like symptoms can be triggered by strong medications. Thus, herbal preparations are said to be the best and the safest.

Easily found at home, these herbal remedies are made up of natural ingredients. The grandmothers would advise the young mothers that simple remedies like chicken soups, warm liquids and honey can work wonders to cure toddler cold and let your little angels sleep peacefully at night. Some of them are as follows:

5 Herbal Remedies For Toddler Cold

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea For Toddler Cold

Drinking plenty of fluid is always a good option in cases of toddler cold. Many mothers rely on tea as it is a warm liquid which supplements the intake of fluids and it also helps against the drying of the throat of the toddler.

Licorice root tea is an example of this kind of an herbal beverage that can work wonders on your child’s throat. You can also try chamomile and green tea which are available with the added advantage of cleansing the body of bacteria as they contain antioxidants.


Echinacea For Toddler Cold

This herb which originated in the North American Plains has been used by the American Indians for some hundreds of years. The herb is known to increase the level of properdin in the body.

It can be consumed as tea or the juice of the parts above the ground and can also be consumed for getting a faster relief from cold. The extracts of the roots or tincture, preserved in alcohol can also be administered to provide relief from the toddler cold.


Elderberry For Toddler Cold

A timeless herb, the elderberry flowers and peppermint leaves are often used in tea to ward off cold. The black elderberry tree produces the blackberry and there is also the red elderberry which may be toxic.

But the American elderberries, the ones which are dark purple in color are fine to be consumed, if they are cooked first. The elderberry syrup can also be prepared at home to treat the symptoms of a cold. The black elderberries can improve immunity to fight cold-causing viruses.

Ginseng And Eleuthero

Ginseng For Toddler Cold

Asian Ginseng, American Ginseng and the Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero) have been noted for their efficacy in dealing with cold and other respiratory ailments. Ginseng has often been hailed as one of the primary cures of cold.

Simply nibbling the root can give you relief from cold. The Ginseng leaf can also be used in this preparation and it is commonly found in powder form. The American Ginseng has an aromatic root which looks like a parsnip and the plant grows about 6-8 inches tall.

Ginger And Garlic

Ginger And Garlic For Toddler Cold

Ginger is the herb which is primarily used to treat cold, sore throat and the swelling of the mucous membrane. It is known to reduce fever and can be consumed in tea or can also be consumed as a tincture after you have soaked it in hot water.

Garlic too, has been used since the days of the Egyptians and the Romans. It is known to treat viral infections. Garlic can be used in soups to disguise it pungent smell, but the efficacy remains the same. These herbs have all been noted for their power to fight a common disease like cold, especially in children. The best way to buy the herb is to buy it fresh. That way, you will be sure of the quality.

5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Toddler Cold