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9 Effective Home Remedies For Cellulite

[toc]It is true that cellulite is not something that most of us take seriously until it is the time to step into swim suits or short skirts. At those times, the visible lump of fat on the rear and the thighs tends to disappoint you. But remember that it is not fat, though it seems like it. Cellulite can be visible on the thinnest of the individuals and creeps through that gorgeous outfit making you feel older and fatter.

9 Remedies For Cellulite

Basically cellulite is the fatty bump that tends to pop up from underneath the skin and seems to resemble an orange peel, peeping up from under the skin. It is like those dimples on the cheek, only it doesn’t look cute. Here are home remedies to help you combat and prevent cellulite too.

9 Best Home Remedies For Cellulite

Coffee Scrub

One of the most natural and simplest of home remedies for getting rid of cellulite is making an exfoliation pack or scrub made from coffee. Basically this ingredient helps in improving the flow of blood and also helps in tightening the skin. The scrubs and the mask made from this helps in tightening the loose skin and helps to create a diminished effect, even though cellulite might not go away completely.For this you just need to take about a quarter cup of grounded coffee and mix a bit of brown sugar in it. About 3 spoons should suffice and add equal amount of coconut oil to it, preferably extra virgin. Then mix all the ingredients together to make a mixture that is similar to a paste and then store it. Simply massage using the scrub at least twice a week and wash off. You should get results within a month.

coffee beans


The omega 3 fatty acids are one of the best solutions for getting rid of cellulite marks. You can simply have more of foods containing the same in your diet like extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, apricots, olives, etc.What you can also do is take some of these foods and apply it like a mask or scrub. Another great source of these fats are fish oil, which prevents the emergence of the same.

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Detox Bath Salts

You can make detox baths and salts at home or even get something that is ready made. Either way, you will greatly benefit from the problem of cellulite and indulge in a relaxing bath too.Simply take some sea salt and sugar and scrub generously all over the body, with special emphasis on cellulite prone regions. You can use bath salts too and soak in warm water to get rid of these marks the relaxing way.

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Natural Moisturizers

There are a lot of natural moisturizers available in the home, which can help you get rid of the cellulite naturally and economically too. All that you have to do here is take something like olive or coconut oil from the kitchen. Then massage the body and the cellulite prone areas in a clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Let the oils soak the skin for at least half an hour for best results.Repeat twice a week. You can also pick coconut milk or cream, raw milk, cream of milk from the fridge. Other moisturizing agents here include papaya, avocado and even bananas, which can be churned together to form a paste. Apply and massage the body generously with the same and wash off. Keep it at least for an hour.

olive oil


This citrus fruit is rich in many antioxidants along with acids, which are great for getting rid if cellulite. What you can do is drink more of orange juice as it contains methoxylated bioflavonoids that are rich in treating cellulite and aid in better digestion too. A lot of individuals also make a mask by drying the orange peels in the sun or even in the oven and then grinding them. Later on mix it with some egg white and then apply as a mask on the cellulite prone zone.



The emergence of cellulite is most common in areas where the muscles tend to sag or get loose. So training your body using dumbbells or kettle bells is one of the best solutions for toning the muscles. Again you don’t really need to lose weight here but help the muscles get toned. So think about doing weight training and stretching exercises like high intensity cardio workouts, kettle bell training, free hand weight training, yoga and even Pilates. All of these are very effective in getting rid of cellulite and toning up the body.


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Apple Cider Vinegar

This natural vinegar contains an ingredient that helps the cellulite go away faster. All that you have to do is consume at least two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar with about a glass of water, early in the morning.The empty stomach helps in absorbing the same much faster. Also, you can massage the skin using apple cider vinegar too.

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You love eating that tomato laden pasta but don’t realize that all those carbs are actually causing and leading to more of cellulite deposits. So the next time you can consider eating more of tomatoes instead of carbs, which are laden with the goodness of  lycopene. You can also apply the paste on the body and consume it too. Tomato juice is a good way to stay fit, feel fuller and avoid unnecessary carbs.


Coconut And Dry Brushing

The method of dry brushing remains to be one of the quickest and safest forms of home remedies. It basically moisturizes the skin, provides a slight massage and helps to get rid of fat. You need to take extra virgin olive oil and massage it. For dry brushing, move from the areas like arms towards the lower part of the body.Move the strokes towards the heart, except when you are targeting the butt area. It helps in tightening the skin and breaks down cellulite. Just get a thick bristle brush (made from natural ingredients) and get started. Last but not the least, do have a healthy diet and avoid carbs and fatty foods, which lead to more of cellulite.


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