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6 Effective Home Remedies For Tonsils

[toc]Inflamed and infected tonsils can be really exasperating, making speech or swallowing really difficult and perhaps impossible. These simple pair of elliptical cushions of tissue at each side of the back of the throat causes lot of concern and pain once they get swollen.


Infected tonsils or tonsillitis is more common in children, though adults are not spared completely. Removal of the tonsils is the perfect solution, if a person is recurrently affected by tonsillitis. Over-the-counter pain medications will be of much help, but there are some effective home remedies to treat the condition depending on the severity.

Various Home Remedies for Tonsils

This common throat problem that makes the sufferer extremely sick, wretched and drained can be tackled successfully with some simple yet effective home remedies. Let’s have a quick glance at some of them.

Warm Water Therapy

Warm liquids can do wonders in soothing and healing swollen and painful tonsils. Salt water gargle is one of the best home remedy that is known to give wonder results. Dissolve a few teaspoonfuls of salt in a tumbler of warm water and use this to gurgle your throat. Salt is excellent in reducing infection and inflammation. It also helps in reducing pain, and prevents further infection. You need to repeat warm water gurgling several times a day to get effective results. Drinking warm herbal tea, soup or water will also give relief to some extent.



Warm water boiled with fenugreek seeds is another effective home remedy for infected tonsils. The antibacterial properties in fenugreek are superb in curing tonsillitis.



Lemon is another simple ingredient that can give miraculous relief from sore throat caused by swollen tonsils. Drinking lemon water frequently or at fixed intervals throughout the day is known to give effective results. You can even mix salt and honey along with lemon in water and keep sipping it.

lemon water


Turmeric is a really useful spice that is known for its ability to kill infection-causing bacteria. It does a great job in reducing inflammation and cleanses the throat. Add ½ tsp organic turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and drink it in the night. You can even add a few pinches of black pepper powder also to this mix to enhance its effectiveness.



Treating tonsillitis by gushing and cleansing the tonsils with warm water and other home remedies is very popular and effective. But you can even soothe infected tonsils by applying useful and healing ingredients externally. One of the most effective among them is fig therapy. Fresh figs should be boiled first. Once they cool down, grind them to smooth paste. This paste can be applied on the throat area to get relief from inflammation and pain.



Drinking warm tea during tonsillitis is a popular practice in many cultures. Chamomile tea is the best natural home remedy to get instant relief from infected tonsils. Chamomile is loaded with relaxant properties and helps in lessening pain, soreness and stress associated with tonsillitis. In most cases, swollen tonsils have a tendency to subside in due course. But the sufferer has to undergo lot of stress and pain while affected by this self-limiting condition, and hence home remedies are the best option to get relief from the throat discomfort and pain. People who are frequently attacked by chronic tonsillitis might have to undergo a prescribed course of medication including antibiotics.

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