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5 Effective Natural Cures For Skin Tags

Natural Cures For Skin Tags

[toc]In simple terms, skin tags are one of the benign tumors that occur on the skin surface. According to researchers, skin tags do not harm the body in any serious way and is no threat to the health. The only issue with skin tags is that they are highly visible and causes embarrassment in public.

It also hampers the goals of achieving flawless skin. Rather than adhering to surgical or medicinal methods that can have side effects on the body, you need to look for some natural and effective cures to treat skin tags. The list below will help you out.

5 Natural Cures For Skin Tags

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags

There are a lot of benefits attached with the liquid we know as tea tree oil. This is especially valid in the case of skin problems and crises. To treat skin tags, you can clean the affected area properly, and then use a water soaked cotton ball with a few drops of tea tree oil directly on the skin tags. This should be gently rubbed in circular motions. Follow the remedy at least once daily to get visible results in a matter of a few weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin Tags

This is one fairly reasonable liquid that is easily accessible and is available in most of the departmental stores. It is known to have innumerable benefits for the skin, hair and body. Take the liquid on a clean cotton ball and apply it directly on the tags. This might leave a stinging sensation on the skin for a while but will treat them easily within a month’s time of regular usage.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil For Skin Tags

Castor oil can be taken with baking powder and made into a paste. This paste should be evenly applied on the skin tag and then covered with a bandage. This should be done everyday for the next 3-4 weeks to help the skin tag fall and get a flawless skin again. A little citrus oil can be mixed with the paste to get faster and better outcomes.

Banana Peel

Banana Peel For Skin Tags

Cut a fresh banana peel into small pieces and apply it on the affected area while protecting it from a bandage. This will also help the peel stay in place. Make sure that the peel is placed in such a way that they inside of the peel come in contacts with the skin tags. This should be done just before going off to sleep for a comfortable cure. Follow the remedy each day for about 2-3 weeks to see visible outcomes in falling of the skin tags.

Bind It With Dental Floss

Dental Floss For Skin Tags

Take some dental floss and tie it at the end of the skin tag where it connects to the skin. Keep this for the next 2-3 weeks. During this course, the skin tag will not only become smaller but slowly disappear. This happens solely because the blood flow to the tag is stopped by the floss that kills it perfectly. Make sure you use a clean and hygienic dental floss for the purpose.

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