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7 Essential And Effective Natural Cures For Pellagra

[toc]Pellagra is a rare condition that results from lack of niacin or Vitamin B3 in the diet. It is commonly known as disease of 4 Ds – diarrhea, dementia, dermatitis and death. Even deficiency of amino acid lysine or tryptophan in the body can result in deficient levels of niacin in the body.


The earliest signs appear as substantial weight loss, muscle weakness, muscular and joint pains, anxiety, depression and fatigue.There may be development of skin rashes, dryness or lesions without any obvious reasons. Photo dermatitis is another atypical symptom, where the skin turns inflamed and red when exposed to sun. The severe form can even lead to alopecia and significant amount of stiffness in legs and arms that can result into complete immobility of these limbs.

Best  Natural Cures For Pellagra


Milk is effective in curing pellagra and its prevention. Milk is rich in niacin, B complex vitamins and calcium. The percentage of directly available niacin is known to be very high in milk and hence, serves as the best natural cure. Proteins that are high in tryptophan are also present in milk which is beneficial for synthesis of niacin in the body. Milk


Eggs also contain rich levels of tryptophan and also possess vitamin B3 or niacin that makes it another best choice for curing pellagra. Moreover, eggs are rich source of B vitamins and various proteins that mediate their vital role in niacin production in the body. Daily consumption of eggs is being recommended for those suffering from pellagra as it replenishes the body with niacin and improves symptoms of pellagra. Eggs


Spinach is high in calcium, iron and folate that together compensate the deficiency of vitamins observed in pellagra patients. Spinach along with other green leafy vegetables is also rich in fibers that are essential for overcoming several symptoms of pellagra. Spinach


Spirulina is algal supplement that is rich in number of vitamins including B vitamins that are essential for treating pellagra. A daily consumption of spirulina is advised to pellagra patients to incorporate adequate B vitamins in diet and get cured from pellagra. Spirulina


Meat is rich in high levels of proteins that are crucial for niacin production in the body. Niacin is present in direct form in meat too. Including meat as part of everyday diet is crucial for patients of pellagra as it promotes faster recovery from the disease. Daily intake of meat is beneficial, but it provides high proteins that put load over the digestive system. Fish, yeast, beans and liver are other favorable foods for curing pellagra. Consult your practitioner for desired amounts of meat that need to be consumed to avoid going overboard. Overdose of niacin can even result in other unforeseen health dangers. Meat

Adequate Rest

Rest is very beneficial in curing pellagra as stress is bound to worsen the symptoms and complicate the pellagra condition. Take adequate rest and do not indulge in stressful acts to prevent aggravation of itching, scaly and dry skin conditions that are common worsening signs of pellagra. Adequate Rest

Shield From Sunlight

Protect yourself from direct sunlight as it leads to dermatitis associated with pellagra. Sun exposure raises the sensitivity of skin resulting in sores, redness, scaling, lesions and rashes that worsens the pellagra condition. Keep yourself fully covered while venturing out in the sun and avoid moving out from 12 to 4 p.m. when sunlight is at its extreme. Shield From Sunlight

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