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5 Simple Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain Treatments

[toc]Back pain can be treated mainly by eliminating the cause. If you have bad posture, you must aim to fix it through a conscious effort. Your pain may stem out from things such as having an old, worn out mattress, an uncomfortable chair or seat at work, these must be changed immediately and then you must resort to using ice packs or hot water bags on the affected area.

Long journeys and sitting in a particular position for a long duration of time can also cause backaches. These can be solved to a huge extent by doing simple exercises and yoga.

5 Simple Back Pain Treatments

Correct Your Posture

Sit With Your Back Straight For Back Pain

The most common cause of back pain is bad posture. Do not slouch while standing or walking. Be erect. While on your computer, sit with your back straight, if required; place a cushion on your lower back. When already in pain, avoid lifting or carrying heavy objects. It only makes things worse. While sleeping or lying down, place a few pillows under your legs in order to keep your hips elevated to a right angle. This reduces the strain on your back.

Movement and Exercise

Exercise For Back Pain

It is the best and the healthiest solution. Do not sit in one position for a long time. Walk every time you have to answer a phone call, visit nearby cubicles, the washroom, but move. Simply sit at your desk and do some stretching and turning exercises. Bend down to open your desk drawers or to throw papers in the bin. Spend thirty minutes in the morning doing some specific yogic postures and asanas to cure backache. Slouching can also be corrected through exercise.

Comfortable Shoes

Exercise For Back Pain

Pretty heels are always loved but they are a primary cause of back ailments. Wear comfortable shoes for daily use. Instead of stilettos, opt for wedges. Do not wear shoes with excessively thin soles or that are over 3 inches high. Formal shoes that have bent and wobbly heels must be disposed. Men should choose covered shoes that hold your ankle in place and enable equal body weight distribution and help maintain balance uniformly. Run in sneakers, not in flip flops.

Relaxing Therapies

Acupuncture Reduce Back Pain

Indulge in relaxing back massages in a spa at least once in two months. Apply ice packs and hot water bags to the affected areas regularly to effectively reduce the pain. Physiotherapy has miraculously solved many back problems over the years. It also cures major problems such as slip disk. Acupuncture, the oldest Chinese art is widely used to cure back pain through sticking needles in the correct places. These processes almost guarantee relief from the tremendous backaches.


Physiotherapy Reduce Back Pain

In severe cases, it is recommended to get a professional aid instead of gulping pill after pill. A Chiropractor will be able to find the exact location of the pain and cure it through his skill set. Specialized doctors will be able to prescribe the medicine and its correct dosage, suggest the temporary use of a special belt or they may even ask you to go for surgery. Personal trainers will help you to reduce the pain through exercises specifically for your chronic pain.

Back pains are a result of lifestyle changes in modern society and more often than not there is nothing that can be changed about such desk jobs. However, regular exercise, acupuncture and physiotherapy keep our systems up and running.

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