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5 Best Vitamins For Age Spots

Best Vitamins For Age Spots

[toc]Everyone has the constant need to look young and beautiful. As we grow in age, we might notice spots on our face, feet, hands, arms or legs. Age spots can be light brown to dark brown in appearance. Age spots are also known as liver spots.

These age spots can be treated with certain essential vitamins. Vitamins help to repair the skin and fade the age spots considerably. So, it is essential to consume an apt amount of vitamins daily. There are several vitamins which assist to control and fade the age spots. Here, we will discuss some of the best vitamins for age spots.

5 Best Vitamins For Age Spots 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E For Age Spots

It is one of the effective vitamins which can be ingested and applied externally as well. Vitamin E also keeps your blood stream free from toxins and improves the overall health. It is recommended to apply 5% of the vitamin after coming back from the sun.

Vitamin E basically revives the skin and cleans the pores. Almond, walnut, cashews are certain dry fruits which contain vitamin E. It is good to include these vitamins in your daily diet for getting the best results. Vitamin E may speed up the fading of the age spots.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Age Spots

Vitamin C not only assists the organs to function better but it also repairs and prevents the age spots. Vitamin C generally supports antioxidants that are good for the skin and the overall health. Lemon, oranges and other citric acid fruits are the best sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin C prevents age spots and boosts the collagen production and makes the skin less susceptible to damages that are caused by sun rays. Vitamin C gives more vibrant and radiant appearance to the skin.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B For Age Spots

It is true that different types of vitamins are essential to maintain a healthy skin tone. Vitamin B complex is one of the best groups of vitamins which improves the structure of the joints and reduces the body’s susceptibility to damages due to anxiety and stress.

Vitamin B complex is responsible for the healthy functionality of many aspects of the body. Fishes, eggs, grains, peanuts, green beans, spinach, citrus juices are some of the best food items which contain vitamin B complex. You must include some of them in your daily diet.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K For Age Spots

It is a fat-soluble vitamin and is quite effective for treating skin problems. It is found in green leafy vegetables. To prevent and control the age spots vitamin K is the best choice.

There are many foods which contain vitamin K like prunes, kale, avocados, broccoli, brussels and sprouts. It can be taken in the form of injections, supplements and topical creams. Vitamin K is not only effective to treat age spots but also useful to control the excessive menstrual bleeding.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A For Age Spots

Vitamin A can be applied to the skin in order to reduce the age spots. Vitamin A is known to enhance the skin appearance and improve the skin cells. If you take vitamin A regularly for thirty days or more, it will surely reduce the age spots. Vitamin A can be found in many vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, eggs and fortified margarine. It is suggested to increase the intake of vitamin A including the fresh fruits and vegetables for maintaining a good health.

Vitamins are essential for every individual to look beautiful and healthy. All the above-mentioned vitamins are quite effective for treating age spots. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B family, etc are some of the best vitamins which prevent age spots and fade the existing age spots to a huge extent.

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