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5 Home Remedies For A Stuffed Up Nose

Home Remedies For A Stuffed Up Nose

[toc]Among the health ailments that a person undergoes, cough and cold is one of the most common ones that you will see about 8 out of 10 people facing in the population. Herein, one of the prevalent symptoms and side effects of the condition is that of nasal congestion which in simple terms can be stated as a stuffed up or blocked nose.

To ensure the treatment of stuffed nose, home remedies can help you best in a safe and efficient manner. All you need to do is check the list below, pick some well researched ones and follow them regularly. It will give gradual but visible results.

5 Best Home Remedies For A Stuffed Up Nose

Take Steam

Take Steam To Cure Stuffed Up Nose

One of the best home remedies that are supposed to be giving top results for not only stuffed up nose but also for the proper treatment of cold is the steam therapy. All you need to do is take hot water in a tub and the cover the head with a towel to take the steam from the water. This will open up the blockage and give you instant relief. Carry this remedy at least once each day to get relief immediately.

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Use Saline Solution

A homemade saline solution can be used in the nose to open up the stuffed nose. A cup of warm water can be mixed with about a quarter teaspoon of salt. Herein, use distilled water or bottled water if possible. Use a nasal dropper to put about 8-10 drop of this saline solution in the nose to get desired outcomes on the blockage. Make sure you tilt the head backwards to help it reach the sinuses.

Saline Solution For Stuffed Up Nose

Aromatherapy Helps

There are a lot of essential oils that helps in opening up the stuffed nose. Herein, you can also add a few drops of essential oils to the water to get more benefits like that of eucalyptus oil. Follow this remedy at least two times till the problem is treated completely. This can be mixed in the steam that you are taking to reap advantage of both the home remedies at once.

Aromatherapy For Stuffed Up Nose

Have Warm Liquids

Starting from ginger tea to green tea or even normal black tea can give you the effects of proper treatment. you can not only inhale the steam from the tea to open up the passage but also take sips of the liquid to treat the mucus accumulation and thus cure the stuffed up nose.

You can have 2-3 cups for maximum benefits. Soups and broths are also advisable in this regard. Herein, chicken soup is one of the best ones to treat cold and cough as well as open up the stuffed nose. Make sure you have at least once to reap the advantage.

Ginger Tea To Cure Stuffed Up Nose

Take a Hot Shower

Another of the ways to open up the nasal passage and treat the stuffiness is to take a warm water shower. This is definitely going to prove effective and is one of the ideal home remedies in hand.

Hot Shower For Stuffed Up Nose

It also helps in relaxing the muscles as well as triggers the treatment of cold and flu associated with stuffed up nose. Following it once daily is more than enough.

Remedies For A Stuffed Up Nose