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9 Home Remedies For Asthma

Home Remedies For Asthma

[toc]Asthma is a serious respiratory disease which is common in children as well in adults. It attacks the bronchial tubes and the trachea and narrows the airways and thereby decreases the amount of air reaching the lungs and causes acute breathing difficulty. Some very common symptoms of asthma are wheezing, tight chest, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. It is really alarming to see that the rate of asthma attacks have increased immensely over the last few years.

Though nowadays there are various drugs and inhalers available but these only give you temporary relief. Moreover these drugs also have a lot of harmful side effects and that is why most individuals all over the world prefer home remedies for asthma. Provided below are few very effective natural homemade remedies for asthma.

9 Various Home Remedies For Asthma

Eat Lettuce Seeds Mixed

Lettuce Seeds Reduce Asthma

Lettuce seeds along with honey acts as a very effective remedy for asthma. Take one of teaspoon of lettuce seeds mix it well with honey and take it twice daily on empty stomach. If you take this everyday then it would cure your asthma as well as bronchitis to a great extent. Moreover it would also reduce your dependence on medicines and improve your overall health as well.

Mint Juice, Honey, Malt Vinegar And Carrot Juice

Mint Juice Reduce Asthma

A mixture of mint juice, malt vinegar, honey and carrot juice acts as one of the most effective remedies to cure asthma. Mix fresh mint juice along with 2 teaspoonfuls of pure malt vinegar, 2 teaspoons of honey and four ounces of carrot juice.

This mixture acts as a medicated tonic and should be taken thrice daily in order to receive the best results. This tonic cures asthma and bronchitis as well as reduces the swellings in the air passages and also makes the immunity system stronger.

Bitter Gourd Juice Mixed

Bitter Gourd Juice Reduce Asthma

Bitter gourd juice when mixed with honey acts as an excellent remedy to cure asthma. Mix a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice with a table spoonful of honey and drink it once daily. If you drink this mixture continuously for three months you would be completely cured from asthma.

Eat Foods Rich In Magnesium

Foods Rich In Magnesium Reduce Asthma

Magnesium rich foods are very effective for curing asthma suffering patients as it improves the ability to breathe to a great extent. The foods that are rich in magnesium are whole grains, almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, spinach, pumpkin, wheat bran, squash seeds, bran cereals, bananas and chocolates. If you eat magnesium rich foods regularly then you can curb asthma to a great extent.

Watch Out Your Diet

Heathy Diet Reduce Asthma

It is important that you watch out what you are eating as some foods can trigger acute asthma or make your asthmatic condition worse. It is important that you limit the quantity of acid forming foods in your diet like protein, fats and carbohydrates.

You should also avoid mucous forming foods like milk, sugar, lentils as well as rice. Even processed foods and the meals which are hard to digest should also be avoided completely. If you eat a healthy diet then it will reduce and cure asthma to a great extent.

Garlic Juice

Garlic Juice Reduce Asthma

Garlic and honey both have medicinal values to cure asthma. When garlic juice is mixed with honey then it acts as a very effective remedy for curing asthma. Even if you drink garlic juice mixed with lukewarm water or a glass of hot milk daily, both are equally effective for curing asthma to a great extent.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables Reduce Asthma

Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C are very effective for asthma. Fresh fruits specially which are rich in vitamin C like papayas, strawberries, grapefruit, mangoes and guavas are very effective for reducing asthmatic wheezing. Even vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers, cabbages, potatoes with skin and raw spinach are also rich in Vitamin C and are highly effective for curing asthma.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink More Water For Asthma

Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water throughout the day at regular intervals to cure asthma but always remember that never drink water during the meals as it can be really harmful. The regular intake of water helps to eliminate the toxins as well as the mucous that is formed in the lungs and therefore reduces the chances of asthma to a great extent.

Green Tea

Green Tea Reduce Asthma

Drinking green tea everyday is another very important natural and effective means to cure asthma. It is found that everyday intake of green tea reduces asthma attacks to a considerable extent. Sometimes even if you drink the green tea when you feel that you are about to have an asthma attack, it is often found that it prevents the attack to a certain extent. If you regularly follow these effective home remedies then you can easily cure as well as prevent asthma to a great extent.

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