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5 Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

[toc]Burns on hands may occur due to a number of reasons like fire, acid attack or heat radiation. Depending upon the source and also the degree of exposure, the amount of damage may differ. But in almost all cases, though the burn injuries can be treated, the scars remain. Burns are very difficult to bear as the irritation and pain that is caused by the damage is more.

Also, when it comes in contact with other external clothing or objects, the pain gets aggravated. It may most of the time occur accidentally at home, and there are simple remedies, which you can do with the help of products available at home.

5 Best Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Vinegar For First Degree Burns

Vinegar For Burns In Hands

Vinegar can be used as an effective treatment for first degree burns. As, it is a form of acetic acid and it has more acidic content, it has to be diluted before applying it on the affected area. Though it is not very effective if the burn is intense, it still helps in cure simple burns due to heat radiation. It also helps in reducing pain.

Onion For Kitchen Burns

Onion For Burns In Hands

Onion is the natural pain killer and when applied, reduces irritation and pain in the burnt area. You can make a pulp with the onion and apply it on the affected area of the hand.

This also stops spreading of infection, which may be caused due to burning of tissues. It has anti-bacterial properties, which helps in quick healing without the development of infection.

Papaya Can Cure Burnt Skin

Papaya For Burns In Hands

Ripened papaya fruit can be made into a pulp and applied on the burnt skin on the hands. This is effective in curing the burns and also in removing the affected dead cells. This rejuvenates the skin and helps in development of new skin layer too.

Potato Peel For Minor Burns

Potato Peel For Burns In Hands

If the burn is minor or of first degree, it can be treated using potato peels. The peels of potato has moisture retention capacity can this property can be used to treat burns.

You can take potato peels from the cooked one and spread it one the affected skin and tie it off with cotton cloth. It also helps in vanishing of scar on continuous usage.

Cure Burn In Hand With Egg

Egg For Burns In Hands

The white part of egg, that is rich in protein content, is not just a nourishing food, but it is also offers good cure for injuries resulting from burns. You can apply the white part of the egg on the burnt area in your hand and leave it for a while, till it dries off completely. After that you can wash it off. You can carry on this, until the burns get cured completely.

The scar that remains after burn gets cured does not fade away quickly. For this, you can apply almond oil in the affected area daily twice. This is an effective treatment against scars resulting from burns. Also, be careful while treating high degree of burns, as the infection may spread very easily.