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5 Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

[toc]Who in the world has never suffered from itchy eyes? Itchy eyes a common health problem that almost all have experienced in their life. Although itchy eyes are not a serious problem but the irritation it gives is very much, even our day to day routine can be affected by itchy eyes. There are many reasons that can cause itchy eyes like pollution, allergies, some infection, seasonal and sometimes other eyes problems can also cause itchy eyes. 

You can get various medications from any drug store for itchy eyes; they will give you relief from itchy eyes. Also you must be aware that touching eyes with your fingers during itchy eyes will worsen the situation. So you should avoid touching your eyes when you have itchy eyes problem. Along with medicines, a numerous numbers of home remedies are also available. These home remedies can be very effective in case of itchy eyes.

5 Various Ways To Cure Itchy Eyes

Proper Care And Hygiene

Prevent Your Eyes From Pollution

This is the best home remedy you can have. There is nothing that can’t be treated with proper care and hygiene. The first precaution you should take during itchy eyes is use a good quality eye wear whenever getting out of home. This will prevent your eyes from direct contact with polluted air dust particles otherwise your itchy eyes problem could get worse. Avoid using your hands and fingers directly to the affected eyes, as it will also increase the problem. With this simple care, your itchy eyes problem can’t sustain for long.


Clean The Eyes Properly

Yes, water is among the best home remedies for the treatments of itchy eyes. As we know that water is always available in every households, and can be used whenever required. During itchy eyes use plenty of water for cleaning the eyes, and also put some water directly to your eyes.

For this take some water in your hands and try to rinse your eyes with it for a short while, just open and close the eyes 2-3 times in the water. It will remove any dust particle from your eyes and also offer a soothing sensation to your eyes.

Rose water

Rose Water Reduce Itchy Eyes

Rose water is a natural cleanser and also has cooling effect. It will give you instant relief during itchy eyes. For using rose water in itchy eyes, pour some drops of it directly to your eyes. Its cooling effect will soothe your eyes and cleanse it. Repeat this procedure 4-5 times a day and it will definitely give you relief from itchy eyes.

Refrigerated Tea Bags

Tea Bags Reduce Itchy Eyes

Tea bags can be used in many problems. Normally all the homes have tea bags that can be used for itchy eyes too. Remember to put the tea bags in refrigerator for few hours and then place them slowly on and around your eyes keeping them shut. Wait for 1-2 minutes and remove the bags. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times a day to get relief from itchy eyes.


Vegetables For Itchy Eyes

Vegetables can also prove to be a best reliever for itchy eyes. You have to put some vegetables like cucumbers or potatoes in a small cotton bag, and then place this bag into a refrigerator. When properly frozen, place the bag on and around your eyes to get relief.