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5 Home Remedies For Killing Lice

Home Remedies For Killing Lice

[toc]Lice in hair can cause more than one single problem, both physically as well as mentally. This should be treated at the right time; else it may even damage your hair completely. This problem of lice is more common in children than in adults. This is because, kids often are not keen on combing their hair often and also they tend to play everywhere and get infected with lice.

This might seem to be a small problem, but it may cause embarrassment in public, if you leave it unchecked. Also, the bites of lice are often unbearable and it may lead to sleeplessness and you may lose concentration in work too.

5 Various Remedies For Killing Lice

Combing With Lice Combs

Lice Comb For Killing Lice

If you are less infested with lice, you can go for regular usage of lice combs. This is effective in removing lice to some extent. You should apply coconut oil completely on the scalp and hair, before using the comb. This will make the combing easy and you will also feel less irritation of comb on your scalp.

Use Butter With Lime Juice

Lime Juice For Killing Lice

You can also use fresh butter to treat the problem of lice. For this, take some fresh butter and mix it with lime juice, to make a sticky paste. Later, apply this completely on the scalp and leave it for a while.

After some time, comb it with lice comb. You will see that all lice fall off easily. The butter would make it slippery for the lice to climb off and you can easily remove it using comb. You can then thoroughly wash your hair.


Onions For Killing Lice

Onion with a strong odor and with its irritating nature can kill lice easily on its application. You can take a few big onions and smash it off, to extract its juice. This juice is strong enough it can be applied on the scalp.

When you leave it off for some time, all lice would be dead by the time you wash your hair. Combing just a few times will remove all dead lice. You can then wash off and remove all dead lice completely.

Neem Oil

Neem Oil For Killing Lice

Neem is always known for its bitterness and its medicinal value. This oil when applied on head is powerful enough to kill lice.

You can then comb it off easily and remove all lice. It also helps in killing lice eggs effectively. Thus, it prevents infestation in future.


Vinegar For Killing Lice

Vinegar is known to be little acidic. The acidic content is very mild and does not affect you skin or body. But, when applied on scalp, it can kill the lice and help you to recover from the infestation. For this, you can mix some amount of vinegar with water and apply it on scalp.

Lice, though a little creature, is of great trouble to all, especially kids. There are many shampoos that are available in the market, which when applied removes off lice completely. You can give it a try too.