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5 Home Remedies For Nail Care

Home Remedies For Nail Care

[toc]Nails are a part of the body that is not only responsible for good health but also one that adds beauty and attraction to the personality. On one hand where dirty nails can accumulate a lot of bacteria and lead to infections and ailments, on the other hand, proper nail care will not only give a good prevention to the problem but also make heads turn in your direction. 

By using the home remedies listed below, you will have a safe and effective journey to achieving your goals. Along with these, the ideas are reasonable on the pocket. Use them on a routine basis to get the outcomes: –

5 Various Home Remedies For Nail Care

Drink Plenty Of Plain Water

Drink Water

One of the best ways to care for the nails and keep them away from issues like brittleness and dryness is to adhere to drinking good amounts of water. About 10 glasses of plain and pure water is advisable for those who want hydrated body and skin as well as nails.

This is one of the simplest and the cheapest ways to care for the nails. It also boosts the nail growth to a good extent and gives you beautiful and strong nails to flaunt.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot Juice For Nail Care

One of the right ways that can be followed at home for nail care is to include beetroot in any form in the routine. This can be in the form of salads or even beetroot juice. The high level of vitamin D and calcium in the vegetable makes it a perfect option for proper nail care. Healthy and sturdy are the two words you can achieve through this home remedy.

Lemon Juice With Water

Lemon Juice With Water For Nail Care

About a tablespoon of lemon juice can be mixed in water and then the nails of both the hands and feet can be dipped in the solution. These should be kept for about 5 minutes and then washed with hot water followed by application of a moisturizer.

For those who have stains or yellowness in the nails, this is a home remedy that will work just fine. It is supposed to be an excellent nail care remedy that has no side effects.

Essential Olive Oil

Olive Oil For Nail Care

Olive oil is known to have a lot of nutrients including antioxidants. According to the professionals, if olive oil is applied on the nails each day, not only will it deep nourish them but also give them a gleam that you are going to love. For attractive nails, consider using good quality and extra virgin olive oil. This should be done everyday to start getting visible outcomes in a couple of weeks.

Lukewarm Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil For Nail Care

The fingernails as well as the toe nails can be dipped in mustard oil that is a little warm. This should be kept for about 10 minutes. Now massage each of the nails slowly as well as gently which will improve the blood flow and make the nails healthy and strong.

It is one home remedy that should be followed on a daily basis for excellent and more than satisfying outcomes. Make sure mustard oil is not hot or else it might burn the skin around.

5 Home Remedies For Nail Care