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6 Home Remedies For Sleeplessness

Home Remedies For Sleeplessness

[toc]Humans need seven to nine hours of sleep everyday so that our body can function at its optimum level. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to sleep, then you are not alone. More than 60 percent of Americans have trouble falling asleep. With our hectic lifestyle and rising level of stress, sleep is becoming more and more elusive.

Lack of sleep can also point towards an underlying medical condition. So, if you are having problem getting quality sleep at night, it is a good idea to visit your family doctor. Although there are many over-the-counter sleep medications available in the market, it is a good idea to try some home remedies too. Here we take a look at some effective natural remedies for sleeplessness.

6 Ways To Cure Sleeplessness

Limit Coffee Intake

Limit Coffee Intake For Sleeplessness

If you are in the habit of having coffee in the evenings, then you need to cut down on it. Coffee contains caffeine that keeps your mind alert and prevents you from falling asleep. Try to limit your coffee intake to not more than two cups a day. If you have trouble falling asleep and frequently wake up from your sleep, then it is a good idea to skip coffee altogether and have green tea instead.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil For Sleeplessness

Lavender oil has soothing and calming properties that aids sleep. It is an ideal aromatherapy oil for people who are unable to sleep due to stress and emotional turmoil. Just spritz some pure lavender oil on your pillow and sheets before you retire to bed. The fragrance of lavender will calm your mind and help you to sleep.

Warm Bath

Warm Bath For Sleeplessness

Another effective remedy for sleeplessness is a warm bath. Add some bath salts to a tub of hot water and soak your body after a long tiring day. A warm bath will not only relax your sore muscles, but you will notice all your tensions and worries also melting away. Take a nice long bath before going to bed and you will surely sleep better at night.


Milk For Sleeplessness

One of the most well-known remedy for sleeplessness is drinking a glass of warm milk. Milk contains essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium that helps the body to relax and also calms down the mind. Have a glass of warm milk just before going to bed and you are sure to be rewarded with a good nights sleep.

Switch Off Your Phone

Switch Off Your Phone For Sleeplessness

Keep cell phones turned off while retiring to bed. Constant phone calls and messaging keeps the mind alert and prevents you from falling asleep. Keep all electronic devices like laptops and mobile phones out of the bed.


Exercise For Sleeplessness

It is very important that you maintain a healthy mind and body by doing exercise. You can take up any form of exercise like cardio, strength training or aerobics. Exercising releases endorphins in the body which will calm your mind and hence help you to sleep.

These were some natural methods that can help you to sleep. Avoid eating large meals close to bedtime and practice meditation techniques to calm your mind. If you suffer from chronic insomnia and these methods are not helping you to sleep, then you should consult a specialist immediately.

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