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7 Home Remedies For Stomach Gas

Home Remedies For Stomach Gas

[toc]Stomach gas can be really uncomfortable and is usually due to improper diet, not eating on time, excess alcohol consumption, bacterial infection, consumption of spicy food, excess stress in life or certain digestive disorders. 

Stomach gas in itself isn’t disturbing but when other symptoms such as lack of appetite, abdominal pain or bloating tend to turn up it becomes really annoying. Stomach gas can be very easily treated with the help of some home remedies. Here are some treatments that you will find in your home itself.

7 Easy Home Remedies for Stomach Gas

Have Sufficient Water

Drink water

When you cool down your body having atleast 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day, it helps in relieving symptoms of stomach gas. Although this is not a quick fix solution, hydrating your body sufficiently will help in reducing stomach gas over the long term.

Buttermilk With Asafedita

Buttermilk With Asafedita Reduce Stomach Gas

Take some curd, add some water and beat it into a thin liquid. Add asafedita to the buttermilk and keep it chilled in your refrigerator. Consume this in small quantities throughout the day to cool your stomach. You can also add mint to this to enhance the effect.

Chew Ginger

Ginger Reduce Stomach Gas

It has been used to fight stomach gas since a very long time. Ginger has an anti-bacterial effect as well. It helps prevent stomach indigestion and gas formation. You could chew small piece of ginger after meals or add some pieces of dried ginger in your food and have it along with your meal if the taste is too repulsive for you. Ginger tea also helps in curbing stomach gas. You could boil a few piece of ginger in water and have it 2 or 3 times daily.


Garlic Reduce Stomach Gas

It may work wonders with the gastric juices in order to get down stomach acidity. It induces gastric fire which will kill any bacteria or indigestion causing organism. Hot garlic soup may taste really bad but it will help you out almost immediately. You can also take some garlic which is grinded and mix it with cumin seeds and black pepper. Strain this mixture and allow it to cool down, after that you can have it around twice in a day.


Peppermint Reduce Stomach Gas

Drinking peppermint tea or having crushed peppermint leaves directly, both have an antagonistic effect on stomach gas. For making the tea, you can add some crushed mint leaves in boiling water and let it come to room temperature before you have it. Apart from that, you could also have mint leaves directly and this can be done around two or three times in a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Stomach Gas

You can mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water. Allow the water to cool down and then drink it. It will give you instant relief from abdominal pain and stomach acidity. If you do not have apple cider vinegar in your home, you could even opt for normal vinegar.

Lime Juice And Baking Soda

Lime And Baking Soda For Stomach Gas

Mix the juice of one cut lemon and some baking soda. Don’t add baking soda too fast because it might lead to frizzing. Slowly add some more baking soda and a cup of warm water. Drink this mixture slowly throughout the day and it will give you relief from acidity.

Stomach gas can reoccur if the root cause isn’t treated. These few natural treatments will definitely help you fight the gas in your stomach, but you will have to start paying attention to the root cause in order to stop the repeated bouts of this problem. Natural methods are completely harmless on other areas and have no side effects.