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How Does Heart Disease Affect The Body

[toc]Heart DiseaseHeart is a critical component of our body and any factor that affects its functioning can cause serious consequences. Every year, millions of people die from heart diseases all over the world. Also, contrary to popular conception, heart disease does not occur only among men. Women are equally prone to developing heart diseases. Apart from death, heart diseases can also cause other complications that include stroke and paralysis.

In general, heart disease is a wide term that refers to a varied range of problems that affect the heart. These can include heart attack, congenital heart disease, heart defects and angina. Irrespective of the type of heart disease a person is suffering from, heart disease always affects the body in a negative way. In this article, we will discuss in details how heart disease affects the body.

Recognizing The Affects Of Heart disease On The Body


DizzinessIf you are suffering from dizziness, chances of suffering from dizziness are there. This happens because when a person suffers from heart disease, it affects proper flow of the blood from heart to the brain. This in turn, causes dizziness. Sudden dizziness can be fatal and if you experience it, sit down immediately, drink some water/light snacks and get in touch with your doctor.

Heart Attack

Heart attack is the most common way heart disease can affect the body. Heart attack occurs when the artery becomes narrowed, thus obstructing the blood flow. Effects of heart attack include death, partial and full paralysis, and slurred speech. If you think that you may suffer heart attack, call emergency number of the hospital as soon as possible. Symptoms of heart attack include dizziness, fainting and shortness of breath.

Liver And Kidney Problems

kidney problemsIt’s a myth that heart diseases only affect the heart. Studies reveal that heart diseases can also affect proper functioning of the kidney as well as lungs. For example, heart disease can make you suffer from problems such as fatty liver, jaundice and viral hepatitis.

Kidney problems can include renal kidney failure and polycystic kidney disease. So, if you are suffering from heart disease, take proper medications for ensuring that your other organs are not affected.


strokeIf you are suffering from heart disease, chances are high that you might suffer from stroke. This is because when you are suffering from heart disease, blood flow to the brain is affected (usually because of fatty deposits). This in turn, causes stroke. Stroke can be fatal and if you think that you might have stroke, call your doctor immediately.

Pain In The Chest

Heart disease often causes chest pain. This usually happens because of clogged arteries or when sufficient oxygen is not supplied to the brain. It can be added here that regular chest pain is also a common symptom of heart disease. If you are suffering from severe chest pain, lie down first and thereafter, get in touch with your doctor

As you can see, heart disease affects your body in several ways. However, if you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce its symptoms and enjoy a healthy life. For staying on the safe side, eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly.

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