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How To Control Premature Ejaculation

[toc]Premature ejaculation refers to the situation, where the man ejaculates before he wants to. An interesting fact about premature ejaculation is that though it is quite common, it usually does not indicate any serious sexual problem. Still, the problem may deeply impact the man and cause him embarrassment and feelings of guilt.

Premature Ejaculation

Experts state that usually, a single factor is not responsible for premature ejaculation. Rather, a combination of various factors is responsible for it. Also, the factors vary from one person to another. Usually, factors such as performance anxiety, insufficient arousal, learned sexual patterns and stress are responsible for premature ejaculation. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation and want to know about the ways of handling it, read on.

5 Tips To Control Premature Ejaculation

Calm Down

Many men think that premature ejaculation symbolizes that they are ‘no longer men’. As a result, they worry more about bedroom performance, which in turn worsens the problem. The trick to handling this situation would be to understand the fact that lovemaking does not always indicate sex.

Apart from sex, lovemaking also includes communicating, holding hands, hugging-all of which are essential to arouse the female partner. Indulging in these aspects of lovemaking will help both of you to mentally prepare for intercourse and help you to calm down as well.

calm down

Masturbate Regularly

This may sound surprising and even shocking to some, but fact is that regular masturbation can help you to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. However, masturbating blindly won’t help you to solve the problem. First, try to masturbate for at least 10 minutes.

Once you feel that you are about to ejaculate, stop immediately. Do this for 3-4 times and in the last session, allow yourself to ejaculate. If you do this technique regularly, you will be able to control your ejaculation timing to a great extent.


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Experiment With Different Positions

Trying out new positions is fun and most importantly, can help you in handling the problem of premature ejaculation. Many men reveal that certain sexual positions help them in delaying the climax, thus heightening the pleasure. For example, it has been found that the position where the woman is at home can help in delaying ejaculation.

The missionary position (where the man is on top), on the other hand, can make the problem worse. For acquiring more information about this issue, buying a sex guide book can be a good idea.

sex positions

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Try Kegel Exercises

It’s a myth that kegel exercises are only for women. Men can also undergo kegel exercises and derive their benefits. Kegel exercises, in fact, can help you to control your ejaculation timing and have stronger orgasms. The best part is that you can do kegel exercises anywhere and anytime. No one will be able to identify that you are working those muscles!

Kegel Exercise

Opt For A Positive Attitude

Finally, having a positive attitude is important. Believe that you can control your ejaculation and over time, you can actually do it. For best results, distract yourself from the problem, while having sex and instead, enjoy the process.  If required, talk to a counselor for learning about these distraction techniques.

Control premature ejaculation with the help of these techniques.

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