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How To Cure A Sinus Infection

Ways To Cure A Sinus Infection

[toc]Patient suffering from sinus infection becomes irritated due to swelling and pain. Sinus can affect the bones around the eyes, cheeks and nose. Once these areas become congested with accumulation of excess mucus, sinus infection takes place.

With the condition of nasal congestion, mucus becomes stagnant within the membrane lining and this gives rise to sinus infection.  Causes of sinus can be dental infection, pollution irritants, fungus infection in cavity, food allergies, environmental allergies etc. Let us read how to cure a sinus infection effectively.

Ways To Cure A Sinus Infection


Diet For Sinus Infection

Proper diet is an important way to cure sinus infection in a patient. You must consume food items like whole grain, lentils, soup, beans, boiled vegetables etc. The patient must avoid mucus forming food items such as chocolates, flour products, sugar, dairy products, egg, etc.

Drinking a plenty of water from a fresh source can naturally cure sinus infection. You can also get many such diet tips from your grandmother. It is the time to adopt them instead of just ignoring. The right diet is very effective in curing the sinus infection.

Neti Pot

Neti Pot For Sinus Infection

You can now make a solution with warm water and one teaspoon of salt. Approximately, two cups of luke warm water will be appropriate. Now, stand near the basin and fill your neti pot with the solution stated above. Next, you should place the tip of the neti pot sprout on your nostril.

The person must tilt his head on one side and water should be allowed to run from the other nostril.  You must be careful while using the neti pot. Many people mess up during this process.


Garlic For Sinus Infection

Natural herbs play an important role in curing the patient suffering from sinus. Natural herbs like garlic, cayenne pepper, onions are quite effective. You can include these herbs in your soup or food item.

These natural herbs help in dissolving the excess mucus present in the membrane lines. You can now make a mixture with lemon juice and horse radish. This will instantly push the excess mucus out from your body. You need to stay beside the basin while your nose runs.

Extract Of Grape Fruit

Grape Fruit For Sinus Infection

Since the grape fruit or extract is citrus, it acts as a powerful antibiotic in human body. Consumption of this natural antibiotic can drive away the harmful bacteria, microbes, viruses and parasites. Natural remedies are safe to use when you are concerned about the side effects of the medicines.

Even doctors and physicians recommend juices and extracts of grape fruit as they are very beneficial to get back the strong immunity. You can now get this food product in super market, fruits stores or in any departmental store.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Sinus Infection

You can get this natural ingredient in your kitchen. Now, you have to make a mixture of 6 ounces of water, 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of raw honey. Mix all these very well to form a mixture. Individual suffering from sinus must drink this solution for 3 times in a day.

Apple cider helps in making the mucus thin and allows it to flow away easily. This is readily available in your kitchen or on your dining table. You may consult a doctor if the above curing methods are not effective for you. Almost 8 out of 10 people suffering from sinus get relief by following the above methods.

How To Cure A Sinus Infection

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