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How to Cure Acne Scars

[toc]Acne scars appears on the skin soon after the bumps are reduced. It is visible as purplish scars on the skin. Though many times it itself disappears, but sometimes lingers on skin forever. It mainly depends on the healing quality of the skin. Some people have a good healing skin than others. Leaving all those lucky people behind, we will help others who struggle to remove acne scars through this article.

8 Ways To Cure Acne Scars

Among the plethora of tips and remedies, the most important one is to follow a good skin care routine. Others are the home remedies using ingredient right from your kitchen, and medical treatments from doctor or beauty salons. Natural or medical treatment, all needs a patience and prolonged attention to cure acne scars. So, promise your skin that you will make if free of scars soon by regularly following all possible treatment and remedies at your best. And we present here some tips and care to help you keep your promise.

8 Ways To Cure Acne Scars

Wear Sunscreen

You may ask why you need to use sunscreen for acne scars when it is mainly for sun ray protection. Well, you may be amazed to know that sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful sun rays but also prevent the acne scars from getting darker. In the presence of sunshine, our skin produces melanin and helps to become dark including the scared portion. And a dark scar is even more rigid to cure.However, a good quality sunscreen protects the skin from damaging effects of sunrays and even helps to fade away the scars gradually. So, make sure you wear sunscreen or apply a moisturizer having SPF rating 15 or more while stepping out of your home during day.


Bleaching Creams

Bleaching creams are used to improve skin complexion. It contains active compounds like hydroquinone that controls the melanin formation on the skin. Therefore, you can use bleaching creams on scars to remove acne scars. But make sure that you don’t apply it on the rest of the skin. Rather just apply on the scar area to lighten them.


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Sandalwood is an age-old remedy for acne as well as acne scars which people blindly follow even today. And why not! It has a strong impact on acne skin. Sandalwood not only helps to control acne but also removes the scars from the skin. The only struggle you may face to use this remedy is to find a pure and original sandalwood powder as nowadays artificial sandalwood powder is available in the market.To avoid this only buy it from renowned and reliable store. You just need to add rose water to the sandalwood powder to make a thick paste and directly apply it on the face. Leaving it on the skin for 20 to 30 minutes will do job. If possible leave it on skin overnight for speedy recovery from scars.

Sandalwood powder

Olive Oil

Like diamond, one can also say that olive oil is girl’s best friend. Whether it is a hair or skin problem of any type, olive oil never fails you. Similarly, olive oil also doesn’t disappoint you to cure acne scar. But you need to patiently apply olive on the scar for long period of time.Massage olive oil on the skin every day on clean skin. Olive oil moisturizes and nourishes the upper layer and gradually replaces the affected skin layer.

olive oil


Fenugreek seeds as well as leaves are exceptionally effective remedies for acne scars. Fenugreek contains active compounds that act against skin scars and spots of any kind. Take a handful of fenugreek leaves and make a paste using pestle and mortar. Apply the paste as face mask directly on the skin.Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash off with plain water. If fenugreek leaves are not available then use seeds which is easily found in any Indian grocery store. Boil fenugreek seeds with water for 30 minutes. Filter the liquid and apply on the skin once it cool down at room temperature. Apply this liquid every day for best result.



If you don’t want to apply synthetic bleaching cream on your skin for scar removal then you can use lemon. Lemon acts as natural bleach and removes the upper layer of the skin which helps to clear face scars. You can apply lemon juice directly on skin for bleaching effect.Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub affected area with it. If you want to mild effect on skin then add a little bit of sugar, and if you want to increase it bleaching effect, add a pinch of salt. Lemon can also be used along with fermented curd for similar effect.


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Potato is another natural remedy which effectively cures any type of scars on the skin. Potato is an inexpensive and easy-to-use remedy for acne scar like no other. You just need to extract its juice by crushing a potato and straining it with a sieve. Then apply the juice on the skin. Leave it for few minutes and wash off with water.


Take Professional Help

If you have tried all home remedies and other tips to cure acne scars and nothing helped you then you should take a professional’s advice. This happens due to scratching or peeling the acne that makes the scars so rigid to be cured naturally. You may either consult a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or a trained professional for treatment. They will guide you about the treatments that will be suitable on your skin to get rid of acne scars.One possible treatment for acne scar is collagen or fatty tissue injection. But this treatment gives temporary freedom from scars and needs frequent sessions often to subside the scars. Another acne scar treatment is dermabrasion which involves skin polishing with a special brush. It helps to reduce scar from upper as well as lower layer of the skin. Microdermation is yet another technique to remove scars using a small device that put crystal on the skin which removes cells from the top layer of skin. Then the leftover particles are taken off with a suction vacuum. Finally, laser technique can also be employed to improve the affected skin.

Professional Help

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