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8 Ways To Cure Depression

Ways To Cure Depression

[toc]Most of us take depression lightly and hardly do anything about it. But in many cases it goes far beyond a mental state and takes the shape of chronic disease. In such cases, it becomes difficult to tackle it.

So, you should treat it before depression takes a toll on your health. In order to treat it at initial stage, you should know the symptoms of depression to diagnose it. Depression often attack you with the following symptoms: pessimism, felling of worthlessness, declining interest in daily activities or sex, poor memory, insomnia or over sleeping, suicidal thoughts, weight gain or loss, and anxiety.

All these symptoms for a long duration of time alert you of ongoing depression. It is not a serious problem at initial stage and can be cured if you take necessary steps. And a litle effort goes a long way to cure depression, so follow the following tips and tricks to keep you mind active, alert, engaged and free from depression forever.

8 Various Methods To Cure Depression

Vitamin D

Vitamin D For Depression

It has been studied that deficiency of vitamin D causes depression in people living in cold countries. People living in western world are mostly deprived of sunshine (the best source of vitamin D) during winter month and during this time cases of depression are mostly diagnosed. This is because deficiency of vitamin D is directly connected with depression.

So, make sure that you soak up enough sunshine during day to furnish the body with vitamin D. And if you live in cold country and during winters you do not get enough sunshine then consider taking vitamin D supplement. Though it is safe to take vitamin D supplements, but always talk to your doctor before taking it.


Socialize For Depression

Human mind is designed in such a way that it crave for the company of friends and family. There are very few people in the world who do not enjoy socializing. And in absence of company, we feel loneliness, down, negative and aloof. So, try to build a social circle wherever you live. Make a habit of meeting friends and family frequently. Not necessarily for long hours but for a dinner or outing does all the magic.

Meeting with people of similar interest also feed your brain with positive vibration and depicts a vibrant picture of life. Pick out persons who have same hobbies or interest and try to bond with them. These will surely make you content and happy form within.

Beat Stress

Beat Stress For Depression

Stress gives rise to mental as well as health problems. It causes depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability. If you are feeling stressed since long then find the cause of it. Whether it is due work or family commitments, knowing the reason and dealing with it reduces 50 percent of the problem.

You can handle stress in many ways. Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and progressive relaxation have been found to combat stress very effectively. And if you don’t want to try any one of these then just go for simple relaxation massage. Body massage acts on body and mind and relaxes you.

Sleep Well

Sleep Well For Depression

Less amount of sleep than needed for your body makes you prone to depression. So, get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for a healthy mind and body. Inadequate sleep disrupts the biological rhythm of the body which may affect your mood leading to depression. Some people feel fresh after 8 hours of sleep while other only take 6 hours of sleep. Therefore, it is different from person to person. But if you notice that you are over sleeping or suffering from insomnia then treat it right away.

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy For Depression

Eating nutritious foods is the best way to keep your body and mind fit as well as healthy. If you feel the symptoms then check your diet. Maintain a diary and note down everything you eat throughout the day. In this way, you can keep a control on your intake of unhealthy and junk foods. Include salads in meals for better digestive system. Also, eat foods such as almond, fish, and spinach that are good for brain functioning.


Exercise For Depression

Exercise helps your body in many ways. It is worth mentioning here that exercise also keeps the brain healthy. You must have realized many times that after a walk or exercise you feel enthusiastic and positive. This is because; exercise improves the much-needed blood circulation in the brain as well as and helps to combat depression. Aerobic exercise and yoga is especially effective to fight stress.

They help to increase the level of chemicals such as endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine which are required for proper brain functioning. Performing several poses of yoga involves deep breathing along with stretches that regulates proper hormonal secretion. However, deep breathing contributes to relaxation.

Share Your Feelings

Share Your Feelings For Depression

Discussing your problems with some you are close to makes you feel light from the burden of carrying them alone. Share your feelings with anyone close to you a friend, parents or sibling, and partner. It is similar to keeping our house free from junk items which provides a clean and vibrant aura. Expelling your pain from the soul and mind will comfort you in a positive way and ensures a focused and active mind.

Engage Your Mind

Aerobics For Depression

Loneliness often ends into depression. And it occurs when you sit at home without work for any reason. So, try not to remain at home all the time if you are currently not working. We never stress or have little time to find out the things that we enjoy doing. This would be the right time to take up a hobby or activity which you were planning to do since long back.

It could be learning any form of art, a new language, a physical training like yoga, swimming or aerobics, gardening, cooking new cuisines and many more. Pick out the one you would love to do the most and try your hand on it. In this way you will have a daily routine to follow likewise a busy working professional and would have not any extra time to think about negative things.

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