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How To Cure Diaper Rash

[toc]Neither the baby nor the parents enjoy the problem of diaper rash when it shows up on their baby’s bottom. Diaper rash is simply another of the discomforts that life gives, but it is not a serious medical problem. Fortunately, you can easily soothe your baby’s bottom with a number of gentle and effective home remedies that are available.

11 Cures For Diaper Rash

Inflammation of the skin or irritant dermatitis is how diaper rash is usually defined. The baby’s bottom becomes the perfect place for a rash to occur because of the existence of bacteria and the moist and warm environment provided by the diaper.

11 Methods To Cure Diaper Rash

Avoid Disposable Wipes

Diaper wipes are laden with chemicals although they may be highly convenient. The skin becomes irritated if they are used on broken skin and it leads to a burn-like reaction. The skin is not given the chance to heal, due to which diaper wipes only worsen the problem.


Using Gentle Soap And Warm Water

Using a clean washcloth with plain warm water is recommended for a bottom with diaper rash instead of disposable wipes. Only a small amount of gentle baby soap should be used if people prefer to use soap. It is better for the baby’s skin if you use lesser quantity of chemicals and detergents.


Using A Barrier Cream

A barrier cream that contains plenty of zinc oxide should be used. Every time a diaper is changed, it should be applied faithfully. Pediatricians recommend that every time parents change their baby, they should apply a thin layer of non-prescription diaper rash ointment or cream that comprises of zinc oxide like Desitin or A and D.

A barrier is formed on the healthy skin with this cream and the irritating effects of feces and urine will not have any impact on the diaper area. However, you shouldn’t completely seal the skin with a thick layer of ointment or cream if a rash is already present because the irritated area will be kept dry and be healed by the air that reaches the skin.


Cranberry Juice

The skin is irritated by a high PH when the diaper region is soaked by urine. This can cause diaper rash. 2 to 3 ounces of cranberry juice can be given to older infants for solving this problem. Infection can be prevented in this manner because the bacteria doesn’t stick to the bladder due to the components of the juice.

Cranberry Juice


Alkaline in natural, stale urine is colonized by bacteria that release ammonia and can burn the skin just like an acid. Therefore, vinegar solution should be used. When washing the baby’s diapers, the rinsing water can be added with half a cup of white vinegar to neutralize the area. A solution of one part vinegar and eight parts water can be used for wiping the baby’s bottom if people use disposable wipes.


Top 10 Natural Cures For Diaper Rash
How To Treat Diaper Rash
Top 5 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Baking Soda

A sitz bath can be given to the baby for 10 minutes and thrice daily if the bottom is very raw. The tub of warm water can be added with 2 tablespoons baking soda.

baking soda


Damp areas can be dried and friction caused by elastic in the diapers can be reduced with a patting of cornstarch. The cornstarch should be shook in your hand before applying. According to recent studies, talcum is dangerous especially when babies inhale it so store-bought talcum powders should be avoided.


Chamomile And Oatmeal Bath

Babies with diaper rash can be soothed and healing is promoted by giving them a bath with oatmeal and chamomile. The contents of one or two chamomile bags should be dumped into the tub and a cup of oatmeal should also be added. To prevent the tub from becoming clogged, the oatmeal can be grinded in a food grinder.

Chamomile powder


If the baby has no allergies and is old enough to eat it, yogurt should be given to the baby if thrush causes the diaper rash. Yogurt may also be useful in clearing the rash if yeast causes it. Yeast can be treated more directly if the baby’s bottom is applied with a layer of yogurt just like a rash cream. This treatment won’t work if thrush or yeast aren’t the cause of the rash.


Petroleum Jelly

Pain can be relieved and the rash can be healed by applying a protective coat of petroleum jelly on the skin.

Petroleum Jelly

Coconut Oil

Effective as a diaper rash cream, this oil is extremely healthy. A thin layer of coconut oil should be applied on the affected area after the baby has been given a warm and dried. The oil doesn’t harm the diapers either and is safe and gentle.

coconut oil

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