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How To Cure Hiccups

[toc]Hiccups is a funny thing. It is not really an illness or a problem but could be the symptom of some underlying problems. If you do consider seeing a doctor, he or she would tell you to buy natural and home remedies to cure the same, because most medicines almost have no effect on it and would be a waste of time and money.


Of course, there are times when it doesn’t seem to work and you are rather confused, and in such times, it is best to wait it out. According to experts, hiccups occur when the vagus nerve or even any of its branches tends to get irritated. Since these nerves go right from the abdomen to the brain, it commonly is understood that hiccups mean some kind of stomach or digestive problem.

10 Best Ways To Cure Hiccups


Deep breathing is suggested as the most instant remedy to treat hiccups. All that you have to do is open the mouth and gulp in as much air as you can. This should be done every few seconds. Though a couple of hiccups don’t tend to get affected, doing this every couple of minutes should help you cure hiccups. Also, wear loose clothing so that you are able to breathe better.

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Sugar And Candy

Having a little extra dosage of sweet and desserts is a great way to treat hiccups. What happens here is that you overload the hiccups with a sweet sensation and this helps in curbing the same.

You can just swallow a spoon of sugar or even suck on candy or indulge in a favorite sugar based dessert. The sour taste at the back of the mouth, which happens because of hiccups are taken care of.


Pushing The Tongue And Ears

Another quick remedy for hiccups is to use your tongue and ears for inhaling and exhaling. What you do is exhale and then push out the air out of the body with as much force as you can.

Then inhale again and stick out the tongue. While doing so hold the breath for at least 30 seconds. Try to hold the nose with your hands to help you with the same. Then again exhale as slowly as you can. Do this thrice to see instant results.

hold breath

Drink Water

A quick solution here is to sit with a glass of water and keep gulping on it rather than sipping. This helps in improving the function of the vagus nerves and thus treats the hiccups. What you can also do here is use a couple of straws, especially the thick ones to drink water.

Now, place one of the straws in the glass and the other one should be pressed on the outside of the glass. Make sure it is pressed against the sides. Then suck from both the straws together. What happens here is you are sucking air from one and water from the other together and this helps in healing the hiccups.

drink water


The is one of the oldest cures for hiccups. What you do here is breathe into a paper bag, don’t use a plastic one because of choking hazards and chemicals. It too has the same effect as the breathe holding method and helps you to stop the constant flow of hiccups.

. By this method, you are increasing the carbon dioxide inflow in to the blood stream and the bogy gets started to worry about the excess CO2 and thus hiccups are kind of forgotten.

breath into paper bag

Get Scared

Now for this one, either your family members or friends have to be a little spontaneous. Again, what happens here is that the brain gets preoccupied with the distraction and forgets about the hiccups.

The scare can be something as simple as a boo or even scarier, as long as it doesn’t make you faint! Another trick here is to switch on a horror flick and get scared on your own, if no one is there to help you.


Peanut Butter Or Nutella

Who would have thought that having hiccups could lead to so many benefits and excuses for licking your favorite hazelnut or peanut butter spread. But either of these two nuts are great for curbing hiccups.

You can take a spoonful in the mouth and let it stay put for a few seconds. Then swallow the same but do not chew. Doing this helps to break down the saliva and helps you swallow easily too.

Peanut Butter


Using the flight attendant posture is a quick remedy for hiccups. What you can do here is sit with the back straight and then slowly press down into the chair. It is similar to the posture that the attendants ask you to avoid during take off. Bend over into the chair so that your head presses into the lap.

This is also known as the crash position and is usually suggested in case of emergency landing or chances of crashing. Now, squeeze the arms and and the body together and hold. Keep repeating to get relief from this problem. However, if you have a back issue, do not do this.



You can also try a series of medication here like antacids that is very effective in treating hiccups. These antacids, especially the liquids work quickly and provide fast respite.

It is rich in magnesium and other minerals that help to ease the irritation cause because of the hiccups and soothes the nerves. Have a couple of spoons of the liquids or a couple of tablets should do.


Honey And Dill

What you can do is combine these two ingredients and have them together to cure hiccups. Dill can also be chewed alone and the juices of this herb helps in healing hiccups. Honey too acts as a quick sweetener and soothes the hiccups. You can have them alone or combined together for treating hiccups.

These are some simple remedies that treat hiccups instantly. But if your problem tends to persist on a regular basis, it could mean that you need treatment for digestive disorders and not instant solutions for curing hiccups.