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How To Cure Knee Pain

Ways To Cure Knee Pain

[toc]Knee pain is a common disease and this is a complaint made mostly by the older generation. A knee pain can occur due to age, disease or an injury. You have to understand that reasons for a knee ain can be really complex. There are a lot of causes of knee pain that can be taken care of at home itself. If your knee pain is not serious then you can take over the counter medications, herbal remedies and resting in the comfort of your home. However, a knee pain must be an eye opener for you and you must start exercising daily.

11 Effective Ways To Cure Knee Pain

Ice Therapy

Ice Therapy For Knee Pain

Ice therapy must be a start for your treatment of knee pain at home. The ice method is nothing but ice, compression and elevation. You must not give weight on your knees; begin with elevating your knees above the hip level. Then you can apply the ice pack on the affected region for twenty minutes. Apply a compression wrap after the ice pack is removed and let it rest for some time. You can apply an ace bandage as a compression wrap.

Over The Counter Medications

Medications Reduce Knee Pain

If you are not able to bear the knee pain then you can always try taking over the counter medications like NSAIDs. The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen are safe medications that will help in reducing the swelling around your joints and easing the pain.

If you maintain a constant level of these medications in your body during a painful bout of a disease or recovering from knee injury, you will experience less discomfort around the region. You can always consult your doctor for the correct dosage amount and related allergies.

Keep The Knees Moving

Keep The Knees Moving

If you want to alleviate the knee pain in a short period then you will have to start moving your body. If you rest all day long and do not perform any activity, this will result in your knees getting hard and freezing up. The freezing of your knees can be really painful. The best way to resolve this pain is to begin exercising you can start walking, jogging, stretching etc. these activities will keep your joints flexible.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Reduce Knee Pain

If you are suffering from a knee pain then you can start strengthening the muscles around the knee area. You can start this therapy with a certified physical therapist or a physiotherapist. These professionals are trained to help in curing the knee diseases and injuries. The therapist will actually help you to master the strengthening techniques, which will develop the quadriceps muscles that are located on the top of the knee cap.

The exercises that you would have to do are squats, leg press, extensions etc. you will have to perform exercises with your therapist 3 days a week. You must not perform or take part in high energy sports like running, football, etc. This is because your knee will not be able to support your body during these exercises. Doing these exercises might lead to extra inflammation around the affected area.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Reduce Knee Pain

Bradykininase is an enzyme that is exclusively found in the plant aloe vera. This enzyme helps you to reduce the swelling which is caused by injury or water retention. This enzyme also helps in relieving the pain. You can use the gel of aloe vera plant to make a tincture at home. This tincture can then be applied at the affected areas for proper healing.

Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage Leaves Reduce Knee Pain

Cabbage is a tasty vegetable and is used for salads or even in the main course dishes in our everyday lives. But cabbage leaves have a certain cooling effect that can reduce the inflammation of the knees. Cabbage is an anti-inflammatory medication. You can use the whole leaves of cabbage discarding the rib cage of the vegetable.

You have to let the vegetable leaf to become flexible and for doing this you will just have to blanch the leaves of cabbage and wrap it around the knees. Cover your knees with a plastic or cloth wrap to keep the leaves in place and let it sit overnight. You must not wrap the bandage tightly; leave ample space for air circulation. You can repeat the process if the swelling does not subside.

Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale)

Comfrey Reduce Knee Pain

The health experts claim that comfrey can be used as a topical anti-inflammatory medication. Allantoin is a compound present in comfrey that serves as an anti-inflammatory medication, promotes new growth in cartilages, bones, skin and the other surrounding tissues.

You can place the mashed root in an ice pack or a clean cloth and then bandage the area around it. You must use this medication in a limited form as there is still a debate over the toxicity of the material.


Meadowsweet Reduce Knee Pain

This plant is a good source of the compound salicin which is usually found in aspirin or willow bark trees. This compound is an anti inflammatory medication that also alleviates the knee pain. You can drink it in the form of a tea to relieve your pain.

Marigold (Calendula Officinalis)

Marigold Reduce Knee Pain

Marigold is an anti-inflammatory compound that can be eaten or used as a compress on the affected areas. You can take a pint of boiling water and soak handful of marigold flowers for 15 minutes.

Drink this infused tea half a cup after every 2 hours to relieve the pain. If you want to apply externally then take a cloth, soak in the tea and compress on the affected areas.


Alfalfa Reduce Knee Pain

This is a famous herb and is used to cure a variety of diseases. For the knee pain, you can always brew the seeds of this plant into a tea and drink the concoction. This tea is extremely beneficial for people suffering from arthritic pain. The main dosage should be around 3 to 4 cups of tea in one day for patient.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Serrata Reduce Knee Pain

This is a famous herb and is used by the nature lovers all over the world it has anti-inflammatory properties that are good for curing knee pain, Spondylitis and other arthritic diseases. Yu will have to take the resin out of the tree, purify it and then use it. This medicine does not have any side effect.

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