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5 Ways To Cure Shingles

Ways To Cure Shingles

[toc]There are many health ailments which affect the skin to a great extent and if they are not taken good care of, it can lead to a great problem and can make an individual look ugly. It is a contamination which takes place towards the nerves and is caused by the same virus which causes chicken pox. A majority of the population gets affected with chicken pox and once the chicken pox is over the virus remains back in the nerves staying inactive since the body’s system keeps a track of it. When the body system of an individual starts getting feeble, the individual tends to catch this problem fast.

An individual who may have been affected with chicken pox in the earlier times may get affected with shingles. The virus known as varicella-zoster causes the contamination in the nerves and is quite painful since it causes redness towards the area of the infected nerves. An individual needs to be really careful with this problem since the pressure or stress tends to aggravate it and normally this germ harms a single nerve. The skin over the affected nerves show the signs and it cannot be easily caught from others since this virus does not harm lungs which can normally spread via air.

The redness over the areas starts getting itchy towards the end and the inflammations may be noticed over the skin. The rashes could be a little gentle or harsh and mainly takes place towards waist area, eyes etc. There are various ways and remedies one should adopt to overcome the problems. There are various natural cures and remedies one can adopt without much expense and effort. They are listed below for your help.

5 Best Ways To Cure Shingles

The Wonders Of Taking Good Rest

Take Good Rest For Shingles

Relaxation and rest is very necessary in today’s life since today’s life has become very tedious and stressful. Stress or pressure causes an eruption of such a problem or state. The pressure or stress when felt by an individual poses a lot of problems and causes the problem to worsen up.

Keeping away or staying away from situations which ignite stress or pressurized situations will help in the decrement of shingles to a great extent. A pressurized situation always keeps a person deprived of sleep and it is recommended that a person affected with shingles should undergo a good sleep. Shingles are clinically proven to mend the affected people.

The Benefits Of Vitamins

Vitamins And Minerals Reduce Shingles

It is recommended by the well known practitioners and experts that vitamins and minerals should be consumed by the individual in adequate and absolute quantities. Firstly, the vitamin A works to fight the infection growing in the body and is a natural healer. Secondly, vitamin B is very essential for the body in treating such problems as vitamin B-12 if consumed well, helps in reducing the pain in the nerves to a great extent. Vitamin B-12 is available in form of injections and lozenges.

Thirdly, vitamin C helps in regulating and proper functioning of blood cells and rejuvenates the vitamin E in the body. Through a proper defecation the body can overcome shingles. Fourthly, the properties of killing germs held by vitamin D helps in increasing the immunity system. Lastly, vitamin E protects the body from damages and holds all the essential properties of healing.

The Magic Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture Reduce Shingles

There are various problems for which an individual adheres to the therapies of acupressure and acupuncture, out of which shingles is one of them. Acupuncture works very well for the people affected with shingles, since this problem takes hold of the nervous system of the body which is basically under the epidermis, there is a lot of grief and discomfort felt by the person.

According to a few doctors acupuncture is the best way to increases the immunity power of an individual and this further helps in making the virus inactive causing a relief for a short span of time. The approach by the doctors in acupuncture include placing of thin pins around the area of the neck, hands etc which are in a distance from the affected areas. The sitting off the acupuncture is for a span of half an hour.

Having A Healthy And A Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet For Shingles

A balanced and a healthy diet is very important for any individual to stay healthy and wealthy. The diet should be strictly followed to overcome the problem of shingles since a proper diet helps in a faster recovery. The diet should mainly contain more of fresh and juicy fruits and green leafy vegetables. The foods which are enriched with properties of killing germs and pain should be considered first to overcome the problem.

Proper consultation should be made before eating so that no reverse effect takes place as excess of anything is very bad. Foods enriched with a compound called lysine should be consumed as it prevents from shingles and this amino acid is found in fenugreek seeds, cheese, eggs etc. more of products with lactic acid, cow meat etc should be consumed to resolve the problem. Potatoes, spinach, red meat, broccoli all can added to the diet.

An Effect Of Herbal Oils

Herbal Oils Reduce Shingles

There are various oils, which when applied directly or is compressed with reaps beneficial results to the people affected. Since shingles are painful in nature, it has been clinically proven that few herbs can help in minimizing the pain and itchiness. The oils like capsaicin firstly, when applied four to five times for the treatment of shingles helps in relieving the pain as it is extracted from red chilies.

A direct application of oil derived from peppermint reduces pain and licorice being an ancient treatment is very helpful since it fights against the virus. Lastly, oil like chamomile from Germany can be used as a healer and these herbs are very effective but should be consulted before application. The herb known as haritaki is an ayurvedic in nature and the bark of this tree increases the compound acyclovir which increases the immunity of a person.

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