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How To Cure Sleep Apnea

[toc]Sleep ApneaSleep apnea is a probably a serious sleep disorder which actually stops the flow of oxygen in the human body when sleeping. This generally happens when it is provoked by the soft tissue of the rear of the throat, which causes a blockage. There are times when the brain is not able to properly send signals to the muscles which control breathing. But there are many people who suffer a combination of these causes in sleep apnea.

There are a lot of airway devices available in the market outside to help you deal with this disease. Surgery is only recommended for those people who have chronic case of sleep apnea. However, treating this disease naturally is an option that is recommended to all the victims of this disease.

Ways To Cure Sleep Apnea

Basic Care

To cure sleep apnea, you will have to alter some basic routine of your life. If you are overweight or obese then you must take care and lose those extra pounds. This disease might get cured automatically if you lose the excess fat from your body. Always try and sleep on one side. When you sleep on your side then you prevent the soft tissue, tongue and palate from sliding back and causing a blockage.

Tongue Exercise

Tongue ExerciseYou can also perform tongue exercises at home easily for three minutes each day. You will have to brush the upper and lateral part of the tongue while the tongue is stationed on the floor of the mouth. The next exercise involves you to place the tip of tongue on the front of the palate and then slide it back. You can also force the tongue upward while pressing against the soft palate of their mouth.

Stimulate Your Soft Palate

If you want to cure sleep apnea with the help of natural or herbal medicines then all you have to do is to practice throat exercises that are usually suggested during speech therapy. These exercises will control your breathing when you sleep and improve the body functionality. If you want to practice this exercise then all you have to do is to pronounce an oral vowel in which the air is escaping mainly through the lungs. You must speak these vowels continuously for three minutes every day. you can also pronounce the words like cool, coil, car, coal, kill etc.

Inflate A Rubber Balloon

Inflate A Rubber BalloonThis is a fun exercise and especially if you have children at home. Your kids will love you all the more when you perform this exercise. Sit comfortably and start inflating a balloon! Take five deep breaths and then inflate the balloon without taking your mouth off it. This exercise will control your breathing and will also reinforce the process of proper airflow in the passage. This is the best natural cure for sleep apnea. When you sleep this exercise will stop the soft tissue in the passage from relaxing!

Wear a Sleep Mask

Wear a Sleep MaskIf you are suffering from this disease then a natural way to increase the oxygen supply in your body s to wear sleep apnea masks. According to the health experts, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP is the basic sleep apnea therapy. You will have to wear this mask on the nose and your mouth and then connect it with the CPAP machine. This electronic gadget will use the air pressure and force the air passage to open up and relax when you are sleeping at night. The only disadvantage with this therapy is that it will become ineffective if the mask comes off the face at any point of time.

Administer Artificial Oxygen

The central sleep apnea patients are mostly administered with oxygen. This happens when the brain stops signalling the lungs to breathe in and out. According to the health experts, if oxygen is administered artificially then the patients will receive more oxygen for their lungs. In this manner, even if your brain does not tell you to breathe, you will still be able to breathe with the help of an oxygen machine.

Take help of CPAP and BiPAP

Take help of CPAP and BiPAPThe full form of CPAP is continuous positive airway pressure. This is one machine which provides air pressure from a mask which the sleep apnea patient is supposed to wear. This machine opens the air passage in the human body. But, if you do not find CPAP working for you then you can talk your doctor about switching to BiPAP. The full form of BiPAP is bi-level positive airway pressure. This machine is very similar to CPAP except that it supplies two different level of air pressure. This machine will decrease the air pressure when you are exhaling and increase the air pressure when you are inhaling.

Make use of Oral Appliance

Oral appliance is less confusing and bulky than the CPAP machine. But this appliance can also be less effective at times. This is one device which will force your jaw to come forward when you are sleeping. Your throat will hence be kept open for proper breathing. If you want to get an oral appliance then you will have to consult a dentist and get the right fitting gear for your mouth.

UPPP – The Surgical Way

UPPP - The Surgical WayIf you are suffering from chronic sleep apnea then your doctor might suggest surgical options to you. UPPP is normally suggested in such a case. The full form of UPPP is uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. This is a surgical process where the doctor will remove tissues from top of the throat, back of your mouth etc. The only trouble with this procedure is that the air passage farther down the throat will still be blocked.

Other Surgeries

Maxillomandibular adjustment is another surgical option that can be suggested by the doctor for chronic sleep apnea. The above stated surgery will create more space behind the soft palate and thereby will decrease the chance to blockage. This surgery will move your jaw forward. If this disease has become life-threatening then tracheostomy will be suggested as all other options seem insufficient according to the needs of the patient. Here, a hole is made in the throat and then a tube is inserted to allow smooth breathing. These are some of the fastest ways to cure sleep apnea.

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