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How To Cure Tendonitis

Ways To Cure Tendonitis

[toc]An inflammation on the tendons causes the disease tendonitis. Tendons are muscle-to-bone connectors. Tendonitis can occur in any of the joints in the human body but the most common places that get affected are, shoulders, knees and elbows. A person suffering from this disease can easily take supplements for curing it quickly.

Some of these supplements are vitamins and minerals and other medicines have been developed especially for the treatment of tendonitis and other joint problems in the old aged generation. Tendons are joints that connect the muscles and bone together.

Over a period of time these can get affected, injured or inflamed in a number of ways. The tendons in our body are made up of collagen, which is a protein complex. If you want to cure the tendons quickly then you will have to eat those nutrients that produce the protein collagen. You can also eat food products that help in reducing inflammation.

Various Ways To Cure Tendonitis


Vitamins Reduce Tendonitis

The vitamins C and E aid in the production of collagen. You must always remember that vitamin C gets destroyed during cooking. Therefore, you must eat the fruits and vegetables that are rich in this vitamin raw. Oranges, kiwi, lemon, sweet lime, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, cantaloupe, tomatoes etc all have a rich content of vitamin C. you will get the benefits of vitamin E from vegetable oil, nuts, tomatoes and avocados.


Bromelain Reduce Tendonitis

Bromelain is an enzyme that helps in digesting the complex proteins easily. This in fact helps in curing tendons. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for curing this disease easily. This enzyme is commonly found in pineapple and especially in the stem and the unripe fruits.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids Reduce Tendonitis

Omega-3 fatty acids have also proven to be anti-inflammatory agent for the human body. This can be a successful medication for the tendons. You can eat salmon and cod every day. Or you can also include walnuts, flaxseed, fish oil and cod liver oil daily in your diet.


Bioflavonoids Reduce Tendonitis

Bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties and also help in building collagen to help heal the tendons. Grapes are the best fruit for bioflavonoids. But other fruits and vegetables that are rich in this content are apples, black currants, peppers, buckwheat, onion, broccoli, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, citrus fruits and green tea

Alter Your Activities

Running Reduce Tendonitis

If you are suffering from this disease then you will have to alter your regular activities. Tendonitis normally gets developed due to engagement in the physical activities like running, soccer, basketball, tennis etc. if you want to get relieved off the pain and cure this disease then you will have to put a stop on all kinds of activities that can trigger the irritation to the disease. Yoga and low exercises must also be avoided. You will need to take rest until the pain subsides completely and you regain your mobility. The resting period is between one to three weeks.

Cold And Hot Therapy

Hot Therapy Reduce Tendonitis

You can use cold and hot therapy for the treatment of tendonitis. Both the cold and hot therapies are an effective remedy for this disease. You will have to use an ice pack or a heat pad and compress gently on the affected area for 20 minutes. Then give a rest for the next 20 minutes. You can repeat the process. This will effectively reduce swelling and pain that is connected with the disease.

Brace And Splint Therapy

Splint Therapy Reduce Tendonitis

If you want the affected area to heal quickly then you will have to immobilize the area completely. This will encourage healing quickly. You can use a splint or a brace to keep the affected area stationery completely. If you do not give a rest to the affected area then the symptoms will continue.

Types Of Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Mineral Supplements Reduce Tendonitis

Vitamin A and C are great antioxidants and also contain anti-inflammatory properties. This is the reason why they are good agents for healing the disease tendonitis. These vitamins help in eliminating the unhealthy cells of the human body including parasites, toxins, fungus, etc that can cause inflammation.

Vitamin C will also help in stimulating the complex protein collage that supports the tendons. Some people affected with this disease are also administered vitamin B12 injections for reducing inflammation, pain and healing the wound faster. Magnesium helps in relaxing the muscles and therefore this can also be used to reduce inflammation and intensify the healing procedure of this disease.

Other Types Of Supplements

Glucosamine Reduce Tendonitis

Glucosamine is a supplement that will aid in the reduction of inflammation of the shoulder tendonitis. This supplement helps in granting more freedom of movement to the tendons between the muscle and joints. Chondroitin is a medicine which is administered most of the times with the glucosamine supplement.

St. John’s Wort is a herb that reduces swelling, pain and inflammation that is associated with this disease. There are certain fatty acids for example, GLA or gamma-linolenic acid that helps in providing good lubrication to the joints. This fatty acid is mostly found in the evening primrose oil.


Massage Reduce Tendonitis

If you are suffering from tendonitis then there is another favourable method of reducing the pain and swelling of the affected area. If your affected area is not sore to touch then you can gently massage the area with a fragrant and healing oil or balm. Massage will help in alleviating the tension of the region and relax the muscles of the joints.

Herbal Remedies

Coconut Oil Reduce Tendonitis

Coconut oil and eucalyptus oil and leaves both contain special healing properties that aid in reducing the swelling and joint pain. If you suffer from the tendonitis of wrists or shoulders then you can apply a topical anti-inflammatory cream that gives relief to the region.

Eucalyptus leaves and oil are easily available in the several herbal stores worldwide. You will have to crush four leaves till they appear in a powder form. You will have to mix few tablespoon of warm coconut oil with the leaves and gently massage the affected area with this herbal mixture. If you want to see best results then you will have to apply the medication twice a day till the pain and swelling subsides completely.

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