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How To Cure Vitiligo

[toc]Vitiligo is a skin disease and white spots appear on the skin of the victim. Vitiligo occurs due to a general abnormality in the immunity system of the individual. Until now, there is no sure cure for vitiligo or way to stop the spread of the disease. When treating vitiligo , it is just the removal of the white spots that occur on the skin.


These treatments do not cure the root of this disease. There are a lot of companies that have created natural products for the treatment of white spots linked with this disease. But all the natural and chemical treatments are not effective. There are certain remedies that can be applied on the skin for treating the white spots.

Tips To Cure Vitiligo

Traditional Treatment

This disease is usually treated with topical creams like corticosteroids ointment. These creams normally contain pimecrolimus or tacrolimus. If you are suffering from a chronic case of vitiligo then your doctor might combine a few therapies for your treatment.

These will include pills, topical cream and exposure to the UV rays of the sun. There are times when your doctor might want to bleach the affected part of the skin to even out the skin tone.

Traditional Treatment

Turmeric And Mustard Oil

There are a lot of home remedies that can be helpful for reducing the depigmentation associated with vitiligo. But, turmeric and mustard oil can be a good remedy for the treatment at home. Both these food products help in boosting the immunity system of the human body.

You will have to mix 5 teaspoon of turmeric in 250 mili-litres of mustard oil. Make a paste and then apply it on the pigmented areas of the skin. If you do this home remedy for a year then you will find your real colour of the skin return back.

Mustard Oil And Turmeric

Wild Duckweed

If you are suffering from vitiligo then you can apply wild duckweed on the pigmented areas of the skin. This plant will help in bringing back the real colour of the skin on the white patches. This plant is also known as lemna minor and grows especially in summer.

Therefore, you must collect as many of the leaves from this plant as you can. You will have to wash the duckweed and then grind it into paste. Mix one part of the paste and one part of honey and drink one teaspoon of it twice daily.

Wild Duckweed

St. John’s Wort

A lot of people suffering from this disease always turn to the herb St. John’s Wort. This herb helps in increasing the response of the skin to sunlight, which will help in bringing the real colour back to your skin. You can take this herb as a supplement, topical cream or mix it with other ingredients and make a drink.

If you are lactating or are pregnant then you must not use this herb. If you want to apply this herb in the topical form then mix one tablespoon of leaves in boiling water. Let the leaves sit in water for half an hour and then strain. Rub the leaves on the affected areas of the skin.

If you want to take this herb as a drink then you will have to mix a part St. John’s Wort herb, one part flowers of calendula, one part chamomile flowers and one part of oregano. Take one teaspoon of this mixture and add it to the boiling cup of water. Let the mixture sit in water for 15 minutes. Drink this tea half a cup two times daily for one month.

St. John’s Wort

Other Herbs

Red clay, khella and babchi are some other herbs that are also used for the treatment of vitiligo. You can make a paste of babchi seeds and apply it to the pigmented areas of the skin. Then expose these parts of the skin to the early morning sun for about 20 minutes daily. You can eat khella daily in the dose of 120 to 160 grams.

You can always mix the khella powder in your daily meals. If you mix ginger juice with red clay and apply it to the affected areas of the skin it will help in bringing back the colour of the skin. You will have to combine one part of the red clay with one part of ginger juice and then rub the mixture on the pigmented areas of the body everyday.

Red Clay

Natural Sunlight

You must stay in the sun daily for 15 to 20 minutes without applying sunscreen on your body. If you combine UV therapy with supplements like L-Phenylalanine it will help in bringing back your original colour of the skin. The kids must be administered 1000 mg daily and 3000 mg can be administered to the adults.

Vitiligo will increase the possibility of getting your skin sunburnt and melanoma. Therefore, you must wear sunscreen daily on the pigmented areas other than the 15 to 20 minutes of UV treatment.

Natural Sunlight

Alterations In Diet

The other ways for the treatment of vitiligo will involve changes in your diet. You will have to avoid certain kinds of food products like dairy products, colas, citrus fruits and red meat. If you eat one cucumber daily it will help in treating the white spots. Green tea, olives and black pepper are some other food items that will help you curing the white spots.

Check your daily diet; you might be suffering from a deficiency of the B-complex vitamins. This mostly happens due to vitiligo. If this is the case then you must make the effort to include the food products that are rich in vitamin B. Milk, whole grains are some items that you must include in your daily diet. You will have to remember always the deficiency of B vitamins will lead to skin disorders. You can also take vitamin supplements for attaining best results.

Vitamin B Products


Avocados have a rich content of proteins, mono-saturated fatty acids and vitamins and minerals. This fruit contains vitamin A, D, and E. These vitamins get deep into our skin and keep it hydrated and moist. Most of the creams nowadays utilize avocado oil for the natural moisturizing effect that it gives. Avocado will help building collagen and repairing the skin colour.