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How To Cure Warts

[toc]A wart is a harmless growth on human body. This can develop alone or in group. Now, warts can emerge anywhere but they are mostly found on face, hands, knees and arms of the human body. You can get these treated easily by a dermatologist. The doctor will either burn the wart off with laser or freeze it with nitrogen solution. But, before consulting a doctor you must also take the help of home remedies. You must understand that the herbal treatment of warts is safest, painless and inexpensive.


Warts are common form of disease and they are mostly non-cancerous. Warts are usually caused on the skin due to the human papillomavirus or HPV. Warts usually emerge on the surface of fingers, toes and other areas. They appear in different shapes and sizes. Below are a number of home remedies that will help you cure the warts.

10 Various Cures For Warts

Vitamin C Tablet

You can take a tablet of vitamin C and crush it neatly. Place the crushed tablet in a bowl and mix a little water to form a paste. Apply this paste on the warts. Use gauze to hold the paste on the affected area. You can repeat the medication until you find appropriate results.



You can apply garlic over the affected area to remove the warts. You will first have to crush a piece of garlic. Place garlic in a clean bowl and use a hard object to crush it. Place the crushed garlic on wart, cover with gauze, to hold the medicine properly. You will feel a stinging sensation for some time.

You will have to repeat this every day for 7 days or till the warts come out itself. But, if you have a sensitive skin, be careful when placing garlic on the warts. Never leave garlic covered overnight on the affected area as it will lead to minor burns.


Dandelion Plant

The liquid from dandelion plant can also be used to cure warts. You will have to buy the dandelion plant from the market. Use a knife for slicing the stem. Extract the white liquid that emerges out of the sliced stem and apply it over the warts.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a cotton ball and soak it properly in apple cider vinegar. Put this soaked cotton on the affected area and seal with a large band-aid, so that it stays in place. This must be done till the day warts fall off completely.


Castor Oil

You can also apply castor oil on the warts. Do this with a help of a cotton ball, dip it in the castor oil till it is completely submerged. Squeeze out the excess and apply the cotton ball on the affected area and seal with a band-aid. This must be carried out till the day warts disappear.

castor oil

Vitamin D 3

Many healthy experts and clinical trials have also proven that Vitamin D3 can also be utilized for the treatment of warts. But you cannot use supplements as they will not lead you to the desired result.

This is strictly for topical use only and it can take a while to completely get rid of the warts from the infected area. Cod liver oil is the most topical sources of vitamin D3 and it can be applied directly on the warts.

cod liver oil

Wart Remover

These days there are a lot of warts remover available in the market. You can also use them as they are known to be effective in healing. Before you place a warts remover on the affected area, cleanse the area with cream, lotion or any other substance. Then apply a wart remover which you can get easily from a pharmacy.

Apply the disc or tab on the affected area and then cover with proper bandage or strips enclosed in the pack. You can apply a patch daily or every alternate day to stimulate the warts removal process. This procedure will take up to 3 to 4 weeks for a complete removal. Patience and persistence is very important when it comes to removal of warts.

Wart Remover

Nail Polish

Warts require open air and breathing space to live. Therefore, covering them up with nail polish is a very good idea. You can apply clear nail polish generously several times each day. Covering the affected area with nail polish will help in withering off the warts and dying.

If your warts are on the feet then make sure you dry the nail polish completely before beginning to walk. If a thick layer of nail polish gets build up, then you can remove it and start afresh. Always make sure that your warts are properly covered.

Do not let them breathe or they will start coming back again. Apply the nail polish regularly till there is no sign of the warts. You can also apply the nail polish after the removal of warts for some days to make sure there is no root left inside your skin.

Nail Polish

Olive Oil

You can make a paste of turmeric, grated carrots or crushed aspirin and baking soda with olive oil. Apply this thick paste on the affected area and cover properly with a bandage or tape. You can apply this mixture twice daily.

Cover the area nicely if you are applying it at the night time. Olive oil and turmeric can easily stain the fabric, therefore, proper protection will get you stain free sleep and sheets. This treatment can take 3 to 6 weeks of care to completely get rid of the warts.

Olive Oil

Banana Peel Therapy

This therapy is easy and can be done at home. All that you need to do is to apply the inside of banana peel on the warts for a week. Every day, rub your warts with a nail filer or pumice stone, cleanse with soap and water and rub alcohol over it. When the warts dry up, cover with a new piece of banana peel. Repeat these steps daily for a week and you will see the warts getting soft.

Remember that warts have roots just like trees and they are actually rooted much below than what you can see. After the warts become soft, you will have to pull them by the root with a sterilized needle or tweezers. To avoid the spreading of infection, discard the needle or tweezer immediately after use.

Banana Peel

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