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How To Improve Foreplay Technique

[toc]As important it is to have a great sexual experience, the significance of foreplay cannot be denied here. It is one of the ways in which you can achieve complete gratification in your sexual encounters. For a man and a woman to be able to satisfy their partner, they should know the most effective foreplay techniques to follow.

Foreplay Technique

This guide is for the help of men who are looking for interesting foreplay to blow of their partner’s mind. Check them out and try the next time around to get ideal outcomes. It will definitely help you create a bond that is unbreakable.

6 Tips To Improve Foreplay Technique

Undress Her Slowly

One of the effective foreplay techniques that really increase her excitement to a good level is that of undressing her slowly. Anticipation can really work wonders for you if you want success in foreplay. This heightens the sensation of a woman and thus drives her crazy. The subsequent touches should be highly sensual to get perfect outcomes.


Do Not Reach The Sensitive Spots Immediately

Another thing that you need to keep in mind where improving the foreplay technique is concerned is that of taking time before you reach the hot spots of a woman. Reaching for her breasts straightaway for example is not a good way to start the foreplay procedure.

Rubbing her neck, legs and hands is what you should do. Ding the former mistake will only show your desperateness to have sex and kill the mood and foreplay experience.

hot spots

Light And Gentle Is The Way to Go

There are a lot of men who tends to believe that women like it rough and fast. However, for improved foreplay technique, this is not the case. For example when you are kissing her all over, make sure it is very slow and steady.

Light and gentle kisses will definitely turn her on like never before. Going fast will make her tickle in the state of arousal that will only make her laugh and not moan during foreplay.


Balance Between Complimenting And Dirty Talking

Where on one hand complimenting too much can get really irritating and talking a lot of dirty will make her feel dirty, it is important that you know that both should be done in equal proportions.

Try and balance the art of complimenting with talking dirty to ensure that you have a successful foreplay experience. This will also make her feel hot. For example while kissing on her neck you can whisper dirty things in her ears.


Keep Moving

Dwelling on only one spot of her body will tend to make the experience boring. The idea is to keep on moving to different body parts to keep the spark alive. She might love attention to one of the spots but then you can always come back to it after a while.

keep moving

Taking Control

Having control is a good and effective foreplay technique where pleasing a woman is concerned. However, no one is asking you to be forceful but you can always tell her the positions that you would love seeing her in. this is definitely a turn on factor for women.

taking control

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