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7 Ways To Increase Sexual Stamina Effectively

7 Ways To Increase Sexual Stamina Effectively

A man often determines his sexual prowess in terms of having a great Sexual Stamina. Sexual stamina is beneficial in not only increasing one’s sex life but also keeping the partner satisfied. A decrease in Sexual stamina is a cause of great distress, anxiety and tension among men, which even leads to low self esteem and strained marital relationships.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two main reason for decrease in the sexual stamina of a person. Below mentioned are some very simple tips following which one can easily increase the sexual stamina and achieve more prowess in the bedroom activity.

Important Tips To Increase Sexual Stamina

1. Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly not only keeps the body fit but also helps in increasing the sexual stamina of men. Exercising increases the flow of blood in the whole body, including the sexual organs. This helps in overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction and provides extra penile strength and durability. Exercising also is very beneficial in toning the overall muscles of the body, thereby reducing fatigue and increasing sexual stamina.


2. Using Desensitizing Agents

Making use of creams or gels which helps in reducing the sensation on the tip of the penis is another very effective way of increasing sexual stamina and lasting longer. Alternatively, one can also make use of extra thick condoms to decrease sensitivity to the penis, thereby helping to hold off orgasm and increasing sexual stamina.


3. Practice

It is absolutely necessary to maintain good physical and mental control for better sexual stamina. Practicing breathing exercises can help in controlling the excitement level, thereby prolonging the sexual intercourse and increasing stamina. Foreplay is another very important part of sex and should be given enough time before proceeding to actually having sex. Masturbating regularly also helps in taking the edge off and control the sexual urgency. Lastly, having sex regularly and practicing on improving ones technique goes a long way towards achieving greater sexual stamina.


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4. Avoid Unhealthy Food

It is absolutely necessary to eat a well balanced nutritional diet for achieving a good stamina during sexual activity. Person should take care to avoid saturated fats, oily greasy food, junk food, food high in cholesterol etc.,as these tend to constrict the blood vessels. This further leads to reduction in the flow of blood in the sex organs, thereby reducing sexual stamina.

5. Avoid Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety related to one’s sexual performance leads to decreased sexual stamina and satisfaction. Instead one should focus on doing things which not only enhances one’s but the partners pleasure also. Getting overly tensed and nervous about your inadequacy to please the partner helps in decreasing the sexual stamina. Instead talk to your partner to know what he/she likes and let your feelings guide you towards better sexual satisfaction.

void Stress And Anxiety

6.Avoid Smoking And Alcohol Abuse

Excess of smoking and alcohol abuse tends to sap one’s energy and reduce the overall stamina of the body. It also leads to reduction in the flow of blood in the body and increases the deposit of toxins, which negatively affect the sexual stamina of a person. Smoking destroys the lungs causing the person to experience labored breathing and shortness of breath, which can prove to be a big deterrent to the stamina need to perform sexual intercourse.


7. Seeking Medical Advice For Sexual Problems

It is always advisable to seek proper medical attention for your sexual problems like-premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, low libido etc. With proper medications and exercises, the above mentioned problems can be cured, thereby increasing the sexual stamina of a person. Sometimes, the problem is not physical but mental, like- depression, which causes disinterest in the sexual act, leads to tension, worry, strained marital relations and embarrassment of the person, thereby reducing sexual stamina.


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