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How To Pleasure A Female

[toc]Where a sexual relationship is concerned, the satisfaction levels at both the ends should be mutual. Just as it is important for a woman to satisfy her man, it is equally important for a man to provide pleasure to his woman. In case of dissatisfaction, the relationship can have severe downs and even break in quite a number of cases.

Pleasure A Female

To ensure a smooth and loving relationship with your mate, a guy should know how to pleasure a woman. In simple words, they should know what makes a woman tick. The below mentioned list brings you close to some effective ideas in this regard.

5 Ways To Pleasure A Female

Pay Attention to Her Breasts

One of the top notch ways in which you can really please a female in bed is by giving good attention to her breasts. Some men tend to make mistake of only giving full credit to her nipples. You have to know that her entire breast is made up of nerves that can tick her and make her reach a deeper orgasm.

Fingertips can be used by the man to make big circular motions on the breasts. Hands can be used to cup the breasts and tongue can be used for licking the nipples before taking the breasts completely in the mouth. You should learn the technique of handling her breasts well.

Pay Attention to Breasts

Neck Nibbling

Neck is one of the most sensitive areas in a female body. Nibbling on her neck will definitely help you achieve your goals perfectly. This is especially valid for the skin that stretches from collarbone to the skin under the ears. This can be licked and then blown gently. This can lead to nipping the neck’s bottom and then sucking on it for just a second to give her the intense feel.

Neck Nibbling

Pull Her Hair

By gently pulling her hair you can make her more aroused. This is solely because the hair has thousands of nerves that become more sensitive when she is excited. A little pull is what is required. Keep it light and passionate. Also, this should be done only for a handful of her strands. This will give her a ravishing feeling.

Pull Her Hair

Dirty Talks

Whether you believe it or not, women love dirty talking. Kinkiness is one word that defines women and makes her feel turned on. However, this does not mean that you will use phrases from porn. It solely means that you tell her with words how beautiful her body and her sexual organs are and about how food you want her to feel during that time. A lustful voice will always pleasure the female as per the researches.

Dirty Talks

The Importance of G-Spot Orgasm

Providing stimulation to the G-spot of a woman is one of the best things you can do to take her to the peak of an orgasm and pleasure her well. it is actually located about 2 inches inside the vaginal canal and is one of the most sensitive areas of a female. Doggy style position is one of the best ways to hit the g-spot with the penis. Go slow and then increase the intensity to give her a pleasurable night.