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9 Ways To Prevent A Hangover

Ways To Prevent A Hangover

[toc]Are you someone who loves partying and drinking? If yes, then you must be facing hangover now and then. It might not be a health condition to worry about but then it is definitely something that will affect your daily routine and cause you to fall back on the bed for quite sometime. Herein, hangovers can be real bad when it comes to extreme drinking. Usually the next day, the feeling sets in that drinking is the worst thing one can do but the temporary situation gets the best of you and you fall prey again and again.

Partying and drinking is not something that can be stopped where most of the people are concerned, so the second best thing to do is to look for measures that can help you prevent that sick feeling early in the morning. Nausea, stomach sickness and discomfort are some of the words that define a hangover.

To ensure that you don’t have to go through such times, this guide below will help you out with some really effective measures to prevent hangovers the next time you plan to get sloshed. Check them out and ensure that you follow them with sincerity to get best results in hand: –

9 Tips To Prevent A Hangover

Hydrating The Body Helps

Drink Water

One of the top preventions that can be taken at home and at the comfort level you crave is to hydrate the body well before you plan to drink. Having good amounts of water and fresh fruit juice both before and while drinking alcohol can really help in keeping hangovers at bay. Dehydration is one of the major causes that lead to the crisis. Once you are able to handle that you already win half the war. Do not forget to follow the same method after drinking as well.

Eat Properly

Vitamins Reduce Hangover

Keeping your stomach full is another of the remedies given by professionals where preventing hangovers are concerned. Take in good amounts of vitamins, minerals and starches that can help you combat the hangover and its symptoms. This is done when the food that you eat absorbs the alcohol to a good extent and does not leave an aftermath on the body. However, greasy and fried foods are not going to help. Rather they will only worsen the situation.

Prickly Pear Wonders

Prickly Pear Fruit Reduce Hangover

Researches show that drinking the juice or extract of prickly pear fruit at least a couple of hours prior to drinking is a useful and a very safe remedy for avoiding the situation of a hangover. This also helps in making the symptoms of the hangover subtle and bearable. Try it out and see the effects on you to believe it! It does not have any side effects and are known to give ideal outcomes in hand.

Have Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin Supplements Reduce Hangover

Another of the efficient things to be done for prevention of a hangover is that of consuming vitamin supplements. Usually, alcohol tends to deplete a lot of vitamins from the body that leads to such symptoms that you experience in case of a hangover. This happens mostly for vitamin B. vitamin B complex; B 12 and B6 are some of the vitamins for which you can consider taking supplements. These are a safe method to prevent hangovers. It is easily available in the market. Herein, foods with these vitamins like cheese, milk, animal products, liver and meat are highly recommended.

Go Slow with Your Drinks

One of the effective tips here for achieving your goals is to have one drink per hour. As per the professionals, the liver has the capacity of breaking only one drink in 60 minutes. To ensure that you don’t fall prey to hangovers, you can easily spread your drink consumption as per this rule. This is going to really help you in the prevention method.

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive Oil Reduce Hangover

There are a lot of cultures around the world that believes in the fact that having a teaspoon of olive oil is one of the efficient techniques to prevent a hangover. The fat that is present in the liquid prevents much alcohol to be absorbed by the body and thus helps in avoiding the problem. If possible, you can take it directly or else use it over dishes like salads and bread dips. It is supposedly one of the best methods to stick by before you step out to party like a rock star.

The Quality Of The Drink

Take Good Quality Of Drinks

If you plan to drink like there is no tomorrow then rather than opting for really hard drinks that has high levels of alcohol content, you can always prefer light drinks and mocktails. This will ensure that you have as much fun as you planned without dehydrating your body much that can lead to hangovers. The idea is to enjoy and party hard without compromising on your health. This is one of the perfect ways in which you can achieve both the aims.

Have A Glass Of Milk

Milk Reduce Hangover

A lining is created on the walls of the stomach when you have milk. Having a glass of milk will prevent the stomach from absorption of alcohol and thus prevent hangover conditions. It will also give the body vitamin B and calcium that again will ensure that the nutrients absorbs the side effects of alcohol and give you a hangover free night and a beautiful morning with best memories.

Do Not Punch Drinks

Do Not Take Different Drinks

Sticking to one kind of liquor is a good way of preventing the hangovers that people usually face early next morning. This is solely with one obvious reason that different hard drinks have different kinds of elements. These when mixes in the body makes it all the more toxic for the organs. The body is not able to process all elements at once and thus leads to an extreme case of a hangover.

To ensure that this does not happen, avoid punching different drinks and see how well you prevent a hangover. Apart from this, have your limitations set. This is the ultimate thing that can be done just in case you know that you always end up with a hangover next morning.

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