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How To Prevent A Miscarriage

[toc]Going through miscarriage is the toughest thing a woman has to bear in her life. Right from the first time when she comes to know about her pregnancy, a wonderful feeling and bondage is developed with her would be child. But after miscarriage, a woman has to go through such an emotional and physical pain which cannot be described in written words. Miscarriage comes along with a feeling of loss, depression, and grief which can only be properly described by those women who have been through miscarriage. And those who are planning a pregnancy might get disturbed even with the thought of having it. So, it is very important for every woman to learn as to why miscarriage happens and the ways to prevent it.

8 Ways To Prevent A Miscarriage

Miscarriage can occur due to anatomical causes, genetic defect, blood clotting, immunological disorders and hormonal imbalance. Not going into the details of cause, we will rather focus here more on the ways to prevent miscarriage. These bits of information will certainly help you to sustain your pregnancy smoothly and successfully.

8 Ways To Prevent A Miscarriage

Prepare Your Body

Planning a pregnancy is the best way to avoid miscarriage and other issues related to it. And the first step towards it is preparing your body for carrying a baby efficiently. A healthy body can pass though the adversities of pregnancy smoothly and do not allow external or internal agents to infect the fetus. In order to shield your fetus from external invasion or infection, work on to build a strong immune system.

Strong system acts as armor against foreign attack such as bacterial or viral infection. Besides improving your diet and lifestyle, you can talk to your doctor for any supplements or vaccination like (rubella virus) which might be needed before pregnancy. Internally, you might need a fertility cleansing to prepare your body for conception.

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Fertility Cleansing

The next step to prepare for pregnancy is building a healthy baby-friendly body and which can be achieved through fertility cleansing. Fertility cleansing is eliminating toxins and chemicals that our body accumulates over the years through diet, medicines, or atmosphere.

We are exposed to several chemicals in our daily life that get deposited in the fat tissues, liver, and uterus. These toxins may interfere with the fetus during initial months of pregnancy causing miscarriage. Fertility cleansing helps to cleanse liver and uterus to get rid of old contents while toning and improving blood circulation. It employs the use of various herbs and diet change and last from one to 90 days.


Fertility Diet

Maintaining a fertility diet is another step towards boosting your fertility. Research suggests that diet plays an important role in producing healthy sperm and eggs that goes a long way to produce a healthy baby without any obstacle. Foods that should be included as a part of fertility diet are: eggs, nuts and seeds, grass-fed meat, dark leafy vegetables, fruits, colorful vegetables, cold water fish, liver, lentils, and organic dairy. You can also get a fertility diet chart done from a nutritionist who will guide you properly on your daily diet as well.


Feed The Body

There are several micronutrients and vitamins that support the growth of fetus by helping in proper secretion of hormone. Hormonal imbalance is one of the major causes of miscarriage. So, make sure that your body is enriched with these minerals and vitamins before your plan to conceive.

The key here is to take multi-vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. But consuming any multivitamin will not do the job. You should take prenatal multivitamin. Make sure that you chose the right multivitamin containing B vitamins, folic acid and iron. If you get confused among the several available multivitamins then take the help of your doctor.

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Fertility Massage

Fertility massage prepares your body to carry a baby in your womb. It involves massage of abdominal area and stimulating reproductive through pressure points. You can book an appointment at any massage center that provides fertility massage for the treatment. If you want to explore a less expensive way then you can do it yourself. You need to massage your abdominal area in a clockwise circulation motion every day.

Castor oil pack is another natural therapy to ready your reproductive system for a healthy pregnancy. Dip a wash cloth in castor oil, let it get soaked completely in oil. Put the cloth over your lower abdomen. And cover it with a plastic cover and a hot bag. Leave it for 30 minutes over the belly.

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Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Avoid taking alcohol if you are planning for pregnancy as it never does any good to your reproductive organs. And stay away from it completely during pregnancy as it may cause abortion. It not only triggers miscarriage during first three months but also affects the development of the fetus later during the upcoming months.

Some of the birth defects related to alcohol intake are restricted growth, facial abnormalities, learning and behavioral disorders. So, say no to alcohol until you deliver a little one.



You will be amazed to know that a cigarette contains around 4000 chemicals which will be extremely harmful for you baby. Moreover, cigarette smoke hinders with oxygen supply to your baby making the heart work harder to get oxygen. Smoking cigarette also cause still birth, premature baby, underweight baby, cot death, and many more. You can avoid all these scarring problems along with miscarriage by simply saying no to a cigarette.


Control Weight

Once you make your mind that you want to have a baby, visit your physician and get you BMI done. This will give you an idea about your weight. It has been notices that overweight women are more likely to suffer from miscarriage than fit women. Your physician will tell about an optimum weight that you have to maintain for a successful pregnancy.

So, be active before and during pregnancy to maintain a healthy body weight. Activity such as walking and swimming are especially good for pregnant women. Along with physical activity, you should also maintain a healthy diet comprising nutritious foods. And avoid junk and processed foods as much as possible.

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