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How To Prevent Bladder Infections

[toc]Bladder infection, also called acute cystitis or urinary tract infection affects the lower urinary tract or the bladder. The common symptoms of bladder infection are painful urination, low back pain and sometimes fever. The diagnosis can easily be made based on these symptoms, as well as a urine culture. The causative organism for such infections is Escherichia coli and very rarely fungal or yeast organisms.

Bladder Infections

The common ways in which people are infected are long-term catheter use, improper hygiene standards, and sometimes it can also be genetic. It is more common in women, than in men. Urinary tract of women is smaller than that of men and this is the reason why women are more vulnerable to urinary track or bladder infection. Thus, frequently urinating, wearing comfortable underwear and pants, urinating as soon as they feel the urge for it, are some very important daily life practices which can prevent bladder infection for a long way. Here are some preventive measures for bladder infection:

5 Ways To Prevent Bladder Infections

Drink Water In Excess

Our blood plasma has almost 92 % of water by volume. It has many roles to play one being keeping the blood stream clean and detoxified. If you lack water, toxins are more likely to come in action.

Drinking water in excess keeps you healthy by keeping your blood stream, urinary tract and bladder clean. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

drink water

Urinate After Every Sexual Intercourse

Though urinating after sexual intercourse doesn’t keep you from getting sexual transmitted diseases but it is a good way to avert normal infections like bladder infection. You might get infections if you or your partner had been unhygienic. It is good to have a glass full of water right after the intercourse because it flushes everything out of your bladder making it clean from the inside.


Use Napkins For Sanitation Purposes Instead Of Tampons

Many women come up with bladder infection problems just after the periods. It is actually not because of the tampons but because of being unhygienic down there.

Tampons being thick and soggy might assist to cause bladder infection, if you stay unhygienic. The best choice is using sanitation napkins for this purpose. Or change the pad every time you go to the bathroom.

Sanitation Napkin

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Wipe From Front To Back

Every time you pay a visit to the bathroom, remember that if you wipe from back to front, it will drag rectal bacteria and germs closer to your urethra making it more prone to get infected. So, wipe in from front to the back pattern. This will reduce the risk of bladder infections and proper wiping will also keep you hygienic.

Avoid Bath Tubs And Take Shower

While lying in bath tub, it is easy for the water and bath products to make way into your urethra. This makes the urethra susceptible to infections. Also, if you have soap and shampoo in excess in your bathtub, the soap and shampoo suds can take off the protective layer of your urethra and tempt infections.

While on the other hand, shower runs over and through and has no space for stillness on your body. Showering eliminates the possibility of this problem.


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