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How To Prevent Cardiac Arrest

Ways To Prevent Cardiac Arrest

[toc]Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart beat stops suddenly for sometime. Every year thousands of people suffer from cardiac arrest and all are not lucky enough to survive the fatal condition. Cardiac arrest can be prevented or we can at least try to prevent it in every possible way by bringing a few changes in our daily life.

You might not be suffering from cardiac problems but you need to know every detail about how to prevent cardiac arrest, so that if need arises you know how to tackle the condition. You never know when your loved ones might need attention. So, here are some ways which helps in preventing.

Take Care To Prevent Cardiac Arrest

Maintain Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet For Cardiac Arrest

Love yourself and your heart! Choose foods which are healthy and good for your health. Those who have cardiac problems or a family history of cardiac problems, need to specially follow a healthy lifestyle.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and grains are good for your heart – make sure your diet includes these foods. Foods which are low in saturated fat, cholesterol or trans fat, lean meats, low or fat free milk products, fish and beans help to prevent cardiac arrest.

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Reduce Stress For Cardiac Arrest

Stress, anxiety, tension and anger can also cause damage to your heart. Reduce your emotional stress by trying to stay happy and relaxed. Spend time with your family friends, party, travel, listen to good music, read books and meditate to reduce your stress. Stress and anxiety leads to hypertension and increases your chance of cardiac arrest.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly For Cardiac Arrest

To prevent cardiac arrest it is important to lead an active lifestyle. Walk for at least 30 minutes in a day to keep your metabolism normal. Light to moderate exercises like jogging, situps or light aerobic exercises help in improving your blood circulation and keeps blood flow to your arteries normal, thus preventing cardiac arrest.

Use Little Sodium In Your Food

Use Little Sodium In Your Food

Prepare your meals with very little sodium or salt. Too much salt in your regular foods increases blood pressure risk which can lead to cardiac problems and cardiac arrest. Those who suffer from very high pressure should try and completely restrict the use of sodium  to prevent cardiac arrest.

Keep Your Weight Under Control

Keep Your Weight Under Control

To prevent cardiac arrest you need to maintain a healthy body. Obesity puts undue pressure on your blood vessels and heart which leads to cardiac arrest. Try to maintain a healthy weight by balancing your calorie intake. If you have more than required calories in a day, ensure that you are burning it out with adequate physical activities.

Monitor Your Health Regularly

Monitor Your Health Regularly

To prevent sudden cardiac arrest you should keep monitoring your health condition frequently. All health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure should be treated and monitored. It is important to be aware of your family heart history. Hope the above tips will help you to lead a healthy life and help you to prevent cardiac arrest of people close to you and yourself.